September 23, 2017

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Getting your cat back to the litterbox
Experts Weigh In

Getting Your Cat Back to the Litter Box


  Cats who do not use the litter box faithfully can present a frustrating problem for their owners. Unfortunately, many of these cats end up in pounds and shelters because their owners find themselves unable […]

Jackson Galaxy’s Litterbox Tips

Jackson Galaxy
Cat Pooping Outside Litterbox

Jackson Galaxy on Cat Poop


Do you like the show My Cat From Hell ? We do and we love it and learn something new each episode. The star of My Cat From Hell, Jackson Galaxy, has agreed to talk with […]

Experts Weigh In

Jackson Galaxy on Cat Pee


For all of you out there concerned with cat pee, are you watching “My Cat From Hell” with Jackson Galaxy? Did you see the episode with Mufasa and her guardians Rudy and Andrea? On Jackson’s […]

Cleaning Up Messes

Cleaning Supplies

Getting Rid of The Cat Urine Smell


Have you ever visited Paws and Effect? It’s a terrific blog written by a team of very wise cats. Yesterday’s topic? One of our favorites over here at The Happy Litter Box: CAT PEE! Siouxsie, […]

Finding and Cleaning Cat Pee

Finding and Cleaning Cat Urine Stains


You know your cat is peeing somewhere, but because you’re out of the house all day and not tracking him, you just don’t know where.  And to top it off, there might be multiple locations […]

Nose Offense
Cleaning Supplies

The Nose Knows Nose Offense


While cats bring so much joy to a household, they also bring less than lovely odors, mostly related to the litter box. And, the thing about litter box odors is that they sneak up on […]

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