August 23, 2017

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Dr. O'Brien and Tuna
Experts Weigh In

Should You Put Your Cat on Medication?


Today’s guest post by Dr. Anna O’Brien explores the option of anti-anxiety medications to help cats’ behavioral problems. Dr. O’Brien has first hand experience with her own cat, Tuna, who is currently on Prozac. I’m […]

Jackson Galaxy’s Litterbox Tips

Jackson Galaxy
Cat Pooping Outside Litterbox

Jackson Galaxy on Cat Poop


Do you like the show My Cat From Hell ? We do and we love it and learn something new each episode. The star of My Cat From Hell, Jackson Galaxy, has agreed to talk with […]

Jackson Galaxy
Experts Weigh In

Jackson Galaxy: Litter Box Wizard


A couple of months ago, I posted about cat behaviorists and the wonders they can do with cats who experience litter box problems. For the post, I interviewed a handful of behaviorists to learn more […]

Cleaning Up Messes


Jackson Galaxy Recommends Fizzion


I’ve received a few emails from readers today wanting to know about the cat urine remover Jackson Galaxy mentioned in My Cat From Hell premiere last night. It’s called Fizzion.  I have not personally tried […]

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Do air purifiers work
Cleaning Supplies

Do Air Purifiers Work on Pet Odors?


  I’ve been looking for an air purifier forever. First, because I’d like to keep certain, ahem, litter box odors to a minimum (have I mentioned one of our boxes is situated in my home […]

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