April 26, 2017

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why does my cat pee by the door
Experts Weigh In

Why is My Cat Peeing By the Door?


One feature I’d like to do more of is to showcase reader questions and tap into our wonderful Litter Box Mentors to help answer them. This week, Dylan’s owner Arlene is frustrated because Dylan is […]

Jackson Galaxy’s Litterbox Tips

Experts Weigh In

Jackson Galaxy on Cat Pee


For all of you out there concerned with cat pee, are you watching “My Cat From Hell” with Jackson Galaxy? Did you see the episode with Mufasa and her guardians Rudy and Andrea? On Jackson’s […]

Jackson Galaxy
Experts Weigh In

Jackson Galaxy: Litter Box Wizard


A couple of months ago, I posted about cat behaviorists and the wonders they can do with cats who experience litter box problems. For the post, I interviewed a handful of behaviorists to learn more […]

Cleaning Up Messes

Baking Soda works great to eliminate pet odors
Cleaning Supplies

Odor-Free Cat Living


One of the biggest complaints people have about living with cats is the constant battle with litter box and litter box-related odors. Sometimes I feel like all I do is scoop boxes, transport smelly bags […]

nature's miracle
Cleaning Supplies

The Best Pet Odor and Stain Removers


One topic that never gets old to pet parents is – odor and stain removal! Periodically I like to poll my pet friends to come up with a list of cleaners that really work. Here’s […]

Nose Offense
Cleaning Supplies

The Nose Knows Nose Offense


While cats bring so much joy to a household, they also bring less than lovely odors, mostly related to the litter box. And, the thing about litter box odors is that they sneak up on […]

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