Litter Box Mess Solution

Great litter box mess tip alert, people!

Litter Box Mess Solution

Everywhere I go, when I meet a cat behavior expert, I always ask them about litter box issues.

I met Wendy Christensen, author of Outwitting Cats (as if that’s possible), at the Cat Writers Association Conference in November and she gave me all kinds of great ideas, including a way to contain scattered litter around the boxes.

This is a huge issue in our house because Mr. Pugsley is a messy, messy boy. And really, there is nothing grosser than walking on a floor covered in litter. Plus it tracks everywhere and, well, ew.

Wendy told me that the extra large litter boxes don’t always cut it. She said if your
cats are uber messy, a great solution is one of those under the bed storage containers that you buy somewhere like Target or Amazon.

So I tried it and OMG, it’s awesome and has cut down on the litter mess substantially in our basement.

I used the 41 quart which worked great. They do come bigger if you have big cats or a lot of cats.

Love it. One less litter headache. Thanks, Wendy!

Readers, have you found a good solution to reduce litter scatter? Let me know!

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  1. Years of rescuing and fostering left me with a houseful of kitties. One day I saw one of those child’s swimming pools with sides about 12in high at the curb and had a flash of inspiration! I took it home and cut out an entrance about 15in wide leaving about 4in at the bottom so it would be easy for everybody to enter. I put 4 extra large boxes into the pool. All the kicked out litter remains in the pool along with the poops and pees when a kittie does the feet in and butt out elimination pose. The pools can be folded like a taco to move in and out of the house. I hose them off in warm weather and wipe them out when this isn’t possible.
    I’ve found that Zero Odor ( rules when it comes to enzymatic cleaners. It can be ordered from the company or Petsmart or Amazon. It is truly head and shoulders above the rest.
    Now, I’m down to 8 old timers and living in a house without a basement. I really appreciate all the suggestions on this site.

  2. We have a large tom cat who tried to do the right thing. It took us forever to figure out why the pee was always outside the box. We got a bigger litter box. Better, but not a cure. We looked into covered boxes. Still pee on the outside! Finally we figured out Noah doesn’t squat. It’s literally a horizontal fountain. Plus, he’s a big dude. With the covered box, he put his front half in and left his back half out in the air. He scratched at the litter (see, Mommy, I’m in the right place) and then let it rip! So we needed a solution with FOUR tall walls. We use big storage bins with 10 inch sides. Now the pee has to stay in the box. We worried the cats would have a hard time getting in and out, but that was silly. Even our smaller cats have no problem with the jumping.

    • Wow, sounds great…. I have 9 in total, and one big, black, furry fella always does this. I have the present large tray in a corner with newspapers underneath the tray, but also coming up the back and side (inside) of the tray. I still have wee and litter at one end from time to time, but mostly just litter now as he seems to have stopped spraying it out over the side now. Still, this is a great idea which I think I will try… Thanks.

  3. I live in a small apartment, and I wish I could get one of those big boxes for mine. But I have managed to keep down most of the tracking by placing those $1.50 doormats from IKEA in front of the boxes. Most of the litter sticks to those, and I just pick them up and knock the excess back into the litter box.

  4. Hi,

    I came up with a great solution for my messy little box problem. I live in a condo and my kitchen and bathrooms are too small to serve as litterbox locations. So I had to put the boxes in a bedroom that’s carpeted. What I did was go to my local store that serves farmers (in WI it’s Farm ‘n Fleet). The store carries just about everything you could need for any animal. I found a huge (6′ x 4’) tray that’s intended for the bottom of a kennel/cage. This tray is black with about 1″ sides. I put the litterboxes (I have 2) on the back side of the tray, which is against the wall. It forces the cats to make a step or two on the tray before there paws hit the carpet. It cuts way down on the tracked and flung litter. When I clean litterboxes, I run the hose of the vaccum over the tray and wash it a couple of times a year or if a cat misses the target.


    • Val, that is a great solution! Can you send a photo of your set up? caroline (at) highpaw (dot) com. I’d love to share a visual with the readers.

  5. I have used the storage totes for about 2 years, they are awesome. Have the best of both worlds, big kitty’s and a “few” kitty’s.

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