Is Your Cat Peeing in the Corner? Tips to Help

Today’s guest is Susan Daffron, founder of the National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals. She’s also the author of 11 books, including Happy Tabby, which is about caring for adopted cats and kittens.

This is her story.

My name is Susan and today, I’m here to proudly announce that my house no longer smells like a litter box.

As a long-time shelter volunteer and the founder of the NAPRP, I know that many cats are dropped off at shelters and rescues when they stop using the litter box. I’ve read a ton of books on caring for cats, and even written one myself.

Of course, all that reading and theory didn’t prepare me for the reality. Living with the smell of kitty pee permanently burned into my nostrils helped me get up close and personal with the problem (so to speak).

It Began With a Very Old Cat
Our “pee problems” started when our 17-year-old cat Alia stopped using the litter box. She had been in kidney decline for quite a while, but at some point, it seemed like she couldn’t step up into the covered box in the laundry room, so she’d go somewhere else.

We understood that Alia was ancient, so we tried to make things easier for her. Using a saw, we enlarged the opening of the box, so she wouldn’t have to step up so far. We also placed a plastic “boot tray” in front of the litter box to catch the urine when she missed.

Of course, we also took Alia to the vet, who suggested fluids and basically said, “she’s really old.” For those who don’t know, fluids go in and fluids go back out. Alia made some big puddles. Plus, as she got more decrepit, she started relieving herself pretty much wherever she felt like.

During the last few months of her life, Alia was using the living room as a giant litter box. We were breaking out the Nature’s Miracle daily. (I should buy stock in that company!)

The Badness Behind the TV
Our TV is in a corner of the living room. Much to our dismay, the area behind the TV became litter box-central. We tried laying down pieces of wire mesh on the floor behind the TV to discourage Alia from going back there. It did NOT work. Apparently, the little mesh pieces were easy to move aside.

It’s Not Just One Cat; It’s TWO!
After Alia’s death, we also discovered that the “accidents” weren’t just her. We had been assuming that she was the only culprit. We were wrong.

Our other cat Troi (who is perfectly healthy) apparently figured, “Hey cool, the whole house smells like a gigantic litter box. How convenient!”

After Alia died, I realized we had to really get serious about the problem. I turned to Pam Johnson-Bennett’s book, Psycho Kitty, for ideas. She often recommends a product called Feliway.

Feliway is “a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, used by cats to mark their territory as safe and secure.” Because cats are scent oriented, it helps places smell less like a litter box and more like a happy place where (we hope) you don’t relieve yourself.

The key to clean up is to get rid of odors, so I cleaned the entire living room with Nature’s Miracle.

cat pee solution
Chicken Wire. Not just for chickens! (Source: Susan Daffron)

The Poor Man’s Scat Mat

In addition to massive clean up, I made the area behind the TV less appealing to Troi than her real litter box. I had some one-inch chicken wire from my garden that I cut to fit the entire space behind the TV. Now Troi would have to jump down onto the wire, which would be unpleasant on her paws at best.

I also sprayed Feliway all around the corner area, including the log wall.

After all this, it seems to have worked. My house no longer smells like a gigantic kitty toilet. And there was much rejoicing!

Thanks for sharing your story, Susan. The chicken wire is a great idea. We’re thrilled that your litter box is happy again!

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    If you don’t have Internet access at home, you’ll need an alternative way to make phone calls from your house.
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    Good reception was a major problem and in general, early
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    Those taxes and fees are what make the standard cell phone plan a financial nightmare.

  6. I’ll immediately grab your rss feed as I can’t to find
    your email subscription hyperlink or newsletter service.
    Do you’ve any?
    Please permit me understand in order that I may just subscribe.


  7. My 6 year-old neutered male cat started spraying in the house about 2 years ago. We first ruled out medical problems. I’ve used Nature’s Miracle, Feliway Spray, Feliway diffusers and various other enzymatic cleansers to no avail. We had to build a screened in deck for the cats to stay in 95% of the time. They are only allowed in the house for a couple of hours a day under direct supervision. 🙁

  8. I too have a problem with kitty wetting. The biggest problem is I have 11 cats. I can rule out 8 of the cats but I have visibly seen the others doing it. I have a 9 month old that is in heat for the first time and has picked the most odd places. My dresser top, the kitchen counter , ever cat and dog bed in the house, and for the first time since having all these cats she christened my bed and my couch. Hopefully after being spayed at the end of this month that will stop. But there are others. If anything especially clothes are on the floor, its fair game. Purses, papers and of course anywhere that has already been wet on. We have a big steam cleaner and deep clean every 2 months, but it starts up again. They have been checked for medical problems, negative. We have tried a dozen different products and nothing seems to work. I would love some help, cuz giving up any of them is not an option. HELP!!!

    • Depending on the size of your house, the cats may be doing this because they are stressed. Cats in colony rooms in shelters/rescues often need to be separated because there are kitty dynamics going on that are extremely difficult for humans to decipher.

      Even though they may curl up together, cats actually prefer to have quite a bit of their own space. Territorial “disputes” and issues related to one of the cats being in heat are probably causing problems within the entire group.

      I’d recommend talking to a behaviorist if you can. If not, invest in one of Pam Johnson-Bennett’s books. Understanding how different the feline view of the world is may give you some ideas why these problems are happening.

  9. Oh, I can so relate to this! I have a cat who will be 23 next month, and she had also stopped using the litterbox. A couple of times, I saw her standing in the box and peeing over the side, so I figured she’d lost a sense of how big her body was, & just needed a bigger box. But then she started using an empty corner of a bedroom, one that’s too cold in winter for me to sleep in. So I put another box in that corner.

    When the bigger boxes (which were actually under-bed storage bins) didn’t work, I went to the auto supply store and bought oil pans to put underneath them, first lining them with paper towels that had to be changed out daily, then with more litter. After that, I noticed that she wasn’t even stepping up into the boxes any more, but just walking around behind them to go in the litter on the oil pans, and always overshooting that, as well.

    I actually had a pet psychic talk to her, and discovered that her knees bother her, so I removed the boxes entirely and now just use litter in the oil pans. She also told the psychic that she didn’t like the paper in her box, so I stopped using the paper towels at all. There’s enough of a lip on the oil pan sides that a thin layer of litter doesn’t spill over, and she’s gotten much better about actually getting everything in the litter pans. Both are in the same room – if I move one from an area where she’s always gone in the past, she’ll still go in that spot, whether there’s a litter box there or not. So I figure better safe than sorry. And she still has accidents in that room, I figure from not being able to make it to the box when she has to go really bad.

    The damage to the wood floor in that room is far beyond what any product will remove, however, so it’ll need replacing after her demise, and before I can bring another cat into the house. But it’s just an example of what we’ll put up with for the reward of living with cats!

    • Wow, this sounds similar to what Alia was doing before she died. We swapped out shorter litter boxes, which helped. Then putting the shoe tray in front helped a lot too, since she “missed” the box almost every day. Oil pans are a good idea. Very creative!

      We also had a kitchen floor mat in front of our sinks that we discovered was, um, gross underneath. We just threw that away.

      Unfortunately, we also have dogs, so I couldn’t really put litter boxes where Alia/Troi had gone before, since the dogs spend a lot of time in the living room too. That is one of the things vets and behaviorists suggest though.

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