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Credit: David Cicconi for The New York Times

Litter boxes are gross. They smell and they are messy. They just are. So a big decision for cat parents is where to put the litter box.

We recently moved. A non-negotiable during our house hunt was that we needed to have a basement, specifically for the litter boxes. Our previous home did not have one and the boxes were in the first floor bathroom. It drove me nuts.

Because of the mess and the smell and the general unpleasantness of litter boxes, most people opt to stash them in the basement or a spare bedroom or bathroom.

Still others find much more inventive solutions like Molly Smart, who I wrote about the other day. She turned a storage closet into a cat room. Genius.

But an article I came across in the New York Times, Pet Centric Design, talks about how an interior design trend has pet parents incorporating special bathrooms for cats, feeding stations for dogs and more, into their remodels or new building plans. How great would it be to have a cat room in the house?

The woman they give as an example in the article built a special “lavatory” for her cat Aslan, when she renovated her bathroom. The renovation even included an exhaust fan for Aslan’s potty. I LOVE IT.

Seriously. If we ever remodel our home, I am SO doing this.

Anyone out there have similar stories! Would YOU ever make a cat room in your house? Or you could always toilet-train your cats! (Good luck.)

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  1. I have for years and many locations kept the litter box outside on a little desk. Currently cats go out a cat door located in a window into a 4″x8’x4′ cage. The top is shade cloth, sides are chain link. You can put a cat door in about anything and the cage can be bought at any hay and feed store. The floor of the cage is 3/4 gravel which discourages them digging. Under the gravel is drain pipe leading to a sump. When I wash the gravel any smell there goes into the sump.
    There are a few purches to sun on. The cat box on a small table precludes the dog eating those oh so attractive steamers.

  2. Me an my big bruther Mao have our own bedroom, and we have a balcony off the bedroom where the Food Lady put a plastic dog (!) house and two litter boxes fit purrfectly inside. They installed a cat door in the sliding glass door to the balcony so we can come and go whenever we need to. The dog house keeps the litter boxes dry. When the weather is really rainy or cold, they pull one of the litter boxes back in our bedroom cuz we don’t like goin’ outside win it’s cold or rainy and win Rocky the Geezer Cat wuz still alive, he’d just poop on the carpit in the bedroom by the catdoor to the balcony win it was rainy. He told me sinse he was so old he cood git away with stuff like that. We also have a couple of cat boxes downstares in the laundry room. I wish we had a basement. My frend Mickey, hoo is Jeter Harris’ bruther pees all over thare basemint. That wood be cool.

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