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Litter Box Tails from the Front Line - litter box solutions to keep dogs out
Scout, chilling out. No dogs in sight!

One aspect of this litter box blog that I’m super excited about is sharing stories from you guys, the Real Cat Parents of The Internet. After all, you’re the ones who come up with all of the creative, sometimes wacky solutions for deterring your cat from peeing or pooping where he shouldn’t.

If you’re looking for litter box solutions to keep dogs out, reader Molly Smart from Mobile, AL shares what worked for her:

“I have two dogs and a six-pound cat, Scout. We didn’t want the dogs going after Ms. Kitty’s food or litter box, so we installed a cat door in a small storage closet underneath our stairs. We have an Irish Setter and Border Collie mix, so the dogs can only stick their noses in the door.

It’s worked out fantastically, because not only do the dogs leave her stuff alone, Ms. Kitty has a place to escape when we have a party (she isn’t a party cat).”

This is such a great idea! One of the reasons some cats avoid their litter box is that they feel vulnerable or threatened while there. I’d feel threatened by two dogs staring me down while I did my business, wouldn’t you?

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  1. Wow, I love this idea!

    Unfortunately I live in a small flat and don’t have a cupboard under the stairs. But this is a far better alternative to those litter trays with rooves on them – this way ms kitty has everything she needs in her own special PRIVATE place.

    I do have a cupboard in the bedroom where I currently store shoes and junk… thinking about making plans for it already. Thank you.

    PS. When I eventually get around to making more content for my website and do a section on litter training etc, would you mind if I included your wonderful set-up as an example? Of course all credit will go to you and ms kitty. Thanks.

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