Litter Box Scatter Solutions

How to stop litter scatterLitter scatter. Yes, one of the most annoying things about living with cats. You can sweep all you want but one of the best ways to control litter scatter is to try to stop it before it gets too far. While nothing completely contains litter, there are some things you can try to keep the scatter around the box to a minimum.

Regular litter mats – There are lots of litter mats on the market specifically to keep the tracking to a minimum. We’ve heard great things about the Black Hole litter mat.

Shag bath mats – These deep bath mats have plenty of crevices to trap litter pieces but they’re easy to shake out when they get full.

Carpet runners – Carpet runners allow more time and area for the litter bits to fall off your cat’s paws. There are lots of designs to choose from!

Washer drip trays – One of our favorite solutions is to use one of those trays that goes under the washing machine. It’s big enough (29 x 30 inches) to hold two regular sized litter boxes side by side. We have been pleased to see some comments from some of you guys who have found this solution as well. Great minds think alike.

Any other good suggestions out there we can share?