Apollo’s Litter Box Buffet

litter box buffet
Apollo. Not sure if he knows he\’s the topic of so much discussion. Source: Pawcurious.com

Apollo’s Litter Box Chronicles continue over at Pawcurious.

This week, Dr. V. shares her testing method to determine which litter Apollo prefers, and which type of litter box he prefers.

If you recall, the good doc recommends making sure the litter box is a “happy place” and one that your cat prefers to all other alternatives. Since these little feline stinkers have figured out how to mentally block humans from reading their minds, we have to resort to observing their behavior.

One tactic is to offer a “litter box buffet.” Dr. V. explains it best: “The usual recommendation when creating a litter box buffet is to have 4 boxes total, consisting of 2 litters and 2 box types. This allows you to figure out not only what type of litter the cat prefers, but also whether he cares whether the box is high or low, covered or uncovered. So if we have Litters A and B, and Boxes 1 and 2, your four boxes would consist of: A1 A2 B1 and B2.”

Check out the combination Dr. V. provides to Apollo and what his preferences seem to be over time, when given several options. Something of note: Apollo abandoned his “favorite” the day the staff forgot to clean the box. Interesting.

Dr. V. also tried ZeroOdor, which had been recommended to her and gave it two thumbs up. So those of you still searching for the ultimate odor remover, you may want to check it out. I am going to get my paws on some and give you my opinion as well.

Stay tuned for more from the Pawcurious Litter Box Chronicles! Thanks for sharing, Dr. V.!

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  1. For 3 years I have worked very hard trying to figure out why my male deaf cat will not use a litter box.I have tried using several boxes with different litter,moving the box and even catching him in the middle of pooing to carry him and set him in his box.Nothing has worked.He uses the box to urinate but poop’s on any floor and any carpet. I have used EWW and it did not work. He has been cleared by the Vet as to any medical problems and I am at wits end. He is 6 years old and has a female buddy I adopted only a year ago so I’m guessing it is not her since he has done this since before her. He is a rescue cat I got him when he was 4 months old and abused. He has come a very long way since then and grown into a very healthy cat. HELP !!!!

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