Even Vets Get the Cat Pee Blues

Litter box problems do not discriminate. Even veterinarians have litter box challenged or obsessively marking cats living with them! So don’t feel so bad, friends.

Dr. V. at Pawcurious is among our ranks of humans-trying-to-get-inside-the-dang-cat’s-head. She’s as aware as anyone that you must try different things and different combinations of things, to finally find what works.

Over on her blog, she’s chronicling her own experiences with Apollo, who insists on marking his territory – all over her walls and floors.

Dr. V. shares her preparations to help Apollo with his “triumphant recovery from marking.” Here are the steps she’s taking:

Step 1: Find the Pee
Dr. V. suggests using a Black Light to find the marked spots. She points out that, “It is horrifying, usually, to come upon the true extent of the fouling.” I certainly can attest to this with my experiences with Romeo. When I saw how many places he had peed that I didn’t even know about, I was shocked and awed at his ability to cover so much territory!

Litter Box Problems
Photo credit: Pawcurious.com

See more photos of the devastation of Apollo’s pee siege here.

Step 2: Clean the Pee
We talked about this in previous posts but most experts recommend an enzymatic cleaner like Dr. V.’s favorite, Anti Icky Poo.

Ammonia-based cleaners are a NO NO. Cat pee and ammonia have a similar scent. Kinda a no brainer when you think about it. Dr. V. has some other suggestions for cleaning too so check them out.

Step 3: Create the Potty Palace
This makes a lot of sense too. Make the litter box attractive to your cat. It needs to be clean, in a private area, with the kind of litter your cat prefers. Think like your cat – where, in what and how would you like to do your business?

Dr. V. also has an interesting tin foil based solution to keep Apollo off the marked spots while he’s in recovery. Read more about that here.

I am super eager to follow the Apollo Litter Box Chronicles and see how Dr. V. fares. I’ll keep you posted on her next installment.

Until then, read her entire post to get the full flavor of what she’s dealing with.

Thanks for sharing, Dr. V.!

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