Ewww…..Cat Odors and Stains

As a cat parent, like many of you (maybe ALL of you) I am always thinking about cat odor and keeping my house smelling clean.

Recently my friend Dr. V. at Pawcurious asked her Facebook fans what their favorite odor and stain removers were. Here are some great recommendations. I have not personally tried all of these but these products come up again and again when I talk to cat parents. Over time, I will be reviewing all of these and more to give you first hand insight!

Clean+Green by Sea Yu: Dr. V. likes this and so do I. It is actually one that I have tried. They have a variety of formulas for different purposes. I use the litter box cleaner to keep the box fresh, as well as the carpet and upholstery for accidents!) Plus it’s all natural, which I like.

Anti Icky Poo


Krud Kutter

FON (Feline Odor Neutralizer)

Nature’s Miracle

Get Serious! for Cats

Petastic Spray Stain & Odor Remover

And….a couple of good old fashioned solutions as well:

Dawn dish soap + baking soda

White vinegar and water

Do you have a remedy you’d like to share? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!

Happy cleaning, friends!

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  1. “PEE-PEE” super stain and odor remover, by Pet-Select. I purchased at local grocery store and love it. I also use in carpet cleaner machine. It has a money back guarantee and is non-toxic. I have MCS and have no problems with this product.

  2. I swear by Nature’s Miracle-applied properly and allowed to soak, I swear it’s the only one that really gets out cat urine odor. I have, however, successfully used baking soda paste to remove stains..the life of a cat owner dealing with FLUTD!

  3. I swear by white vinegar! My cat tends to go potty on things that I use when she is upset with me. She once urinated on my end of the couch. I used vinegar and let it soak in, then sprayed the outside of the couch with more vinegar and scrubbed it. From what I’ve heard, vinegar will break down the bacteria and such in the urine. Once dry, there is no longer any urine or urine smell. Plus, it’s all natural and not expensive!

  4. I work on a farm and we rescued a 3-week-old orphaned kitten in August. Hay-lee is such a joy. We also have Samoyed dogs and I swear by Urineout powder by http://www.planeturine.com. I have used it since 1999. It works on dog pee, vomit, blood, etc. Old stains, new stains, whatever. The kitty has been wonderful about using her box (cats are so smart!) but I’m worried about the Sammies and the “kitty box crunchies” which led me to your site. We’re making the DIY top entry box this weekend!

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