No Cost Cat Litter Container Idea

I wanted to share this great idea by reader Lynne, who wrote in response to my washing machine tray post.

Lynne points out that using big cardboard boxes under the litter box can also be an easy – and free – solution. Lynne uses the boxes they provide at Costco for customers who want to pack their purchases in boxes.

You can check out any of the membership price clubs to see if they have the same options.

Lynne says, “I often look for a box that I want in the product aisles and choose one that is nearly empty of cans or paper products. I neatly stack what is in the box with the other like items and place the boxes in my cart. The checkers often use them for my purchases…”

Lynne recommends the big flat boxes from the paper products aisle for the under litter box mess.

I bet you could find similar boxes from supermarkets as well.

If they are going to throw them out anyway, it’s a great solution and one way you can reuse something that’s sitting in the trash pile. Then, instead of washing and sanitizing, you can just put the used cardboard in your recycle bin when you’re ready for a new liner.

One note, make sure the boxes you pick out are free of food stains. You know how sensitive our kitties are to weird smells!

Thanks for the great idea, Lynne!


  1. I go to Home Depot and get carpet remnants for super cheap and cut them up to fit under my cat’s box. When they get too litter encrusted, I toss them and grab a new remnant. Depending on the size of the remnant, I can get several mats for under $5. It’s great.

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