Pretty Litter Boxes?

If you think your litter box is unsightly, imagine if you ran a cat sanctuary that cares for up to 50 cats at a time! Ewwwww city!

Cats Crossing is a non-profit sanctuary for special-needs cats in Virginia that is always looking for new litter box solutions. I mean, when you have 12+ litter boxes, you’re bound to have some challenges.

Well, check out what Cats Crossing founder and very talented artist, Darcy Swope, devised to make their sanctuary a little less litter box-y.

I love that, appropriately, the litter boxes are in the basement!

Thanks for sending, Darcy!

pretty litter boxespretty litter boxes


If you want your own pretty litter box, you might try one of these, though make sure you know FOR SURE your cat can handle a closed top before spending the money!


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  3. Love the playhouse. Just rescued a kitten. Her name is Arizona. Would loveto purchase this playhouse. Please email me. Maybe we could just purchase the plans. Let me know.

    Thank you

  4. ABSOLUTELY INGENIOUS. Now you will have to either give us directions on how to make our own or, better yet, sell them to support your sanctuary!
    I would certainly buy one, at the right price. Being on a fixed income with 2 cats, is a bit of a challenge in itself! 😉

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