Tired of Litter Scatter?

Litter is messy business, isn’t it? I don’t think there is any cat out there who doesn’t kick litter out of the box or drag it out when they leave. If there is a cat out there like that, let me know!

There are a lot of solutions from mats to trays to rugs and more to help prevent litter from being dragged all over the house. Here is a terrific Do-it-Yourself solution from one of our readers, Elaine.

Here’s what Elaine suggests to keep litter scatter and “oopsies” (i.e. misses the box) contained:

“Years of rescuing and fostering left me with a houseful of kitties.

One day I saw one of those child’s swimming pools with sides about 12in high at the curb and had a flash of inspiration! I took it home and cut out an entrance about 15in wide leaving about 4in at the bottom so it would be easy for everybody to enter. I put 4 extra large boxes into the pool. All the kicked out litter remains in the pool along with the poops and pees when a kittie does the feet in and butt out elimination pose. The pools can be folded like a taco to move in and out of the house. I hose them off in warm weather and wipe them out when this isn’t possible.

Many rescuers and foster moms have thanked me for this idea over the years. It will be my pleasure for sure to have you spread the word.”

You can find these at most big box stores as we get closer to summer. If you want one now, here’s one I found on Amazon. If you use this solution and it works, let me know!

Thanks, Elaine! GREAT suggestion!

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  1. I had to laugh when I read your solution to litter scatter. I have 8 cats now but use to have 12. The small boxes just weren’t enough. I bought 6 of the big (4 ft. diam)swimming pools and used them for litter boxes. I only use 4 of the pools now with fewer cats. I keep them all in the basement. In the summer (I live in MI) I take them outside and wash them out. I still have a couple regular boxes on the front and back porches just in case, but those big plastic pools really do the trick.

  2. i have performed feline feral rescue for YEARs. succinctly, the BEST litter box in the world looks like an IGLOO with a built-in stairway. i have 3; purple, gold and white. i use 1 in each bathroom and the 3rd is in “stand by” on top of the book case. when it’s time to soak & wash the box in the bathtub i have 1 already waiting to go for my babies convenience. so there is no down time in either lavatory. i put 2 brown paper bags on the bottom of the litter box then use a HUGE johnny cat liner. the greatest litter product is called World’s Best Cat litter simply because it is. it’s made from corn; is absorbent, creates no dust clouds and stays CLEAN for a long time. please don’t dispose of soiled litter waste in the toilet because a bacteria in the cat’s urine kills sea otters and also negatively effects our environment. put same in a bag and throw in the trash. yes, it will be buried and eventually will breakdown and enter our waterways but the delay factor will help.

    • Good point about flushing litter. It’s actually the toxoplasmosis in the feces which is the problem and primarily on the west coast. Since I now live in Key West where there are many feral cats and it seems that I’m in the minority by not allowing my cats outdoors, I will no longer flush the litter. I don’t want to add to the problem which may be affecting the manatees and shellfish here as well. A google search turned up quite a bit of info on the subject. Here is the latest from a scientific publication:

      advocacy.britannica.com/…/the-california-sea-otter-riding-the-wave-to- extinction/

  3. I’ve used the smaller plastic blue ones you can buy cheap and put the litter box inside. I’d cut an opening in the pool and put a mat right outside. This helped to keep them from just jumping over the side (although some still did). I also used one of the pools when my son was small and learning to eat. I’d set him in the center on a towel with the food, a chocolate cookie, spaghetti, and when done he’d be covered with food and I’d carry him to the shower and presto clean. Drag the pool outside and hose off.
    You are right, it’s an excellent idea to share.

  4. I’ve had some luck in using the plastic square shaped trays that fit under washing machine. They can be purchased at most home supply stores (Home Depot, etc.). Two large covered boxes fit side by side in one of the trays. I don’t think it matters what you use, litter is going to be tracked because it sticks on their feet as they leave the box!

    • You are absolutely correct. There will always be tracking. I used this swimming pool trick in a full basement and it was great for keeping urine and solids (not always so solid!) off the cement floor. But now the # is down to 8 old timers and the guest bathroom IS the swimming pool. Covered boxes prevent most but not all of the butt overhang and the scratched out litter. I cover the floor with beach towels and go around armed with a Dust Buster. What bothers me the most is the stink from those who don’t “flush”. Since World’s Best Litter is biodegradable, I flush the poops down the toilet and then bag the urine balls… all day long….feeling very much like an unappreciated bathroom attendant for a bunch of cats! Although not energy efficient, I leave the bathroom exhaust fan on when going out. It’s worth the cost!
      Thanks to everybody for your great ideas.

    • We use the washing machine tray below a very deep litter box with no lid. That gives the cats head room to do their business and a bit of air flow so there is no concentrated odor. All the misses go on the tray and it has been very helpful. We created a little jump over barrier to keep dogs out of the storage area in the basement and the side effect is that it helps knock the litter off as the kitties navigate to get back out. We have a box on both sides of the barrier and a rug on top. Makes it easy for our 12 year old and older cats to navigate.

  5. The Girl and I LOVE the idea of this, but we don’t have enough room to try it out. Those stupid little litter-catching “rugs” that you can get at the pet store certainly don’t work! *katiekisses*

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