World’s Best Cat Litter Review

World's Best Cat Litter Review
Moo, lounging by the litter

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We asked Dorian from Your Daily Cute to tell us what she thinks of World’s Best Cat Litter. She’s been using it for a little while now and here’s what she has to say:

My oldest cat, Pimp, is 12, so you know we’ve gone through our fair share of cat litters. He’s never been too picky — if he can dig in it, he digs it. Moo is 3, and also non-fussed. So our search for the perfect litter has been more for my benefit that theirs. But as they say, a happy litter box is a happy human. They do say that, right? I mean, I’m in there scoopin’ just as often as they’re in there poopin’…

That said, we switched to World’s Best Cat Litter a few months ago, and it’s made all of our lives better. I chose World’s Best because it was corn-based and, from what I’d heard from others, less dusty than other scoopable litters. The dust. Oh, the dust! If I could just find a magic dustless cat litter.

World’s Best Cat Litter , I’m super happy to report, is almost dustless when it comes to what flies around the bathroom when they use it. Gone are the days of the dust cloud when you refill the box and a constant film over every surface from the boys kicking up dust when after their business is done. It does, however, tend to stay on their paws, so I see a bit of yellow dust on the tables if they sit there. No big deal, though; just wipe and go.

It’s a really great clumper and fantastic at keeping odor at bay. I am a bit obsessive about scooping as soon as I see something in there, so this was never a real problem with us, but I am less knocked-over by some of the stuff my cats cook up than I use to be, if you know what I mean.

But the best part? Seriously, I am in love with World’s Best for this reason more than any other: I can’t explain it, but for some reason Pimp doesn’t feel the need to kick half the litter out of the box when he’s done. Ever since he was a little kitten, he’s always made a complete beach out of the bathroom floor with his litter. I have bought litter boxes with tall sides, bigger boxes, tried tracking mats… nothing helped. Until now. I think maybe it’s the texture.

Since World’s Best Cat Litter is corn-based, the pieces (Pebbles? Kernels? Litter bits?) are a little larger than regular scoopable litters. Maybe it’s just not as fun to throw the bigger stuff around. Whatever the reason, I’ll take it!

Because of the larger size, though, I recommend slowly transitioning to this from your usual litter. I tried the first time cold turkey, and neither of my usually not-picky boys wanted anything to do with it. I gave it about a day before I felt bad and went back to our old litter.

A few months later, with wise advice to treat it like switching their food (slowly, so they notice less), we gave World’s Best Cat Litter a second shot. I started with only about 1/4 of it and 3/4 regular litter and slowly added more as the week went on. After about 7 days, we were almost entirely switched and the boys seemed to have no problems with it. Success!

One note about price: World’s Best Cat Litter is a little more expensive than other scoopable litters, but for me it’s totally worth it. We don’t go through it as quickly as we did with other brands and it seems to stay fresher longer without needing to be totally replaced.

Our verdict? Two thumbs and four paws up!

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  1. We’ve been a World’s Best household for about 2 years. I still have to mix a small about of clay litter in to get them to use it – probably about 1 part clay to 8 parts World’s Best. All I can guess is that they had become accustomed to the clay perfume and don’t associate the clean litter smell of Worlds Best with litter. I really like World’s Best’s clumping. It is much more resistant to humidity so clumps stay tight even on sticky summer days. And I agree that it lasts much longer than clay litter. Another benefit for anyone who has a bad back – the litter weighs less so the boxes are more manageable.

  2. Oddly, World’s Best was not one I had to witch over to gradually. The girls took it cold turkey.
    I’ve jumped around on litters. I started out with the clay clumping litter and wanted to find something less dusty and perfume like. I tried feline pine, and that the girls hated it (very much a texture thing.) Going from pebble-like clay litter to saw dust texture didn’t work.
    Finally, I decided to try World’s best and they took to it with absolutely no transition period!
    The multi-cat formula works like a charm.

  3. Don’t wish to burst your litter choice bubble, but my B I G black cat, Nico [Knee-koh], LOVES to take joy in continuing to create a ‘beach’ outside of the litter box. Drives me nutty as I continue to attend to the clean-up asap. Like you, dear writer of this new blog, I clean out the poops and pee as soon as I see them left in the box. Heavens, I’d never wish to walk on the stuff, so why would my feline family?! Thanks for a place for we cat lovers to unite and share tips. Purrrrrrrrrrrrring, CATherine

  4. Amen. I find no dust, which is wonderful for me. I also have a rather “who cares” what I use cat and she took to it right way. Wonderful product.

  5. I have recently become a World’s Best convert and I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this product! I was so sick of the smelly, icky, heavy, wet-clumping litter that I’d struggled with for years. World’s Best clumps beautifully (as I have a male cat who really pee’s ALOT), so much so that the urine never hits the bottom of the litter box so now I don’t have to scrape the bottom of the box when cleaning it out. My two cats took to it relatively easy, after I added just a bit of the regular litter. Now if I can only find a way to manage my female cat, who pee’s standing up (sprays like a male cat)…sometimes, if the level of the litter is too high, she overshoots the box altogether – which is a messy drag!

  6. I LOVE it and the cat accepted it cold turkey. I hated the dust and grime of clay, the stink of newsprint chips, the crunch under foot of crystals, the crunch plus rolling-around of pearls, and the tracking around the house of most of them. I use a mat that reminds me of a plastic Brillo pad in the jump-out area and that keeps most of the litter off the paws and off the floor. I consider this litter My Solution! The only thing I can think of that would be better would be to let Tinker be an outdoor cat and use the wide outdoors and the neighbors’ flower beds 🙂

  7. I LOVE World’s Best Cat Litter. My two kitties had no problem adjusting to it. Also I have allergies and the low amount of dust is really beneficial. But the best part was when my mom was over and I caught her looking around the room and sniffing. I got all nervous and asked her if she thought the cat litter needed changing. She said she was trying to figure out if I still kept the litter box in the room because she couldn’t smell it at all!

  8. I LOVE World’s Best Cat Litter. We just had to move into a Apt and man what a odor difference. I was using the clumping clay litter, and the odor was awful. I bought Worlds best and my cats took to it immediately. No mixing with the old needed. And you can’t even tell I have a litter box in the Apt let alone 2 of them….It is worth it’s weight in gold as far as I am concerned. Thanks so much for this wonderful product. I recommend it every single chance I get. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I’ll admit it. I only got my bag of WBCL because I found a free coupon. But I am now utterly sold. We have two cats, Annie and Dora, who share a litter box in my daughter’s room, so odor is always an issue. WBCL is far and away the best and longest-lasting litter we’ve ever used. As soon as our other litter brand remnants have been used up, it will be the only litter we buy!

  10. I have been using World’s Best for almost two years now and let me tell you in has been a miracle in more ways than I imagined. My cats were picky about cat litter and only liked one particular brand of clay litter. A friend had given me a bag she had left over after her kitty passed over the rainbow bridge and she was not ready to get a new one just yet. Anyway, I reluctantly used it when I ran out of the other litter and the cats ADORED it! I have three cats in an apt,, third floor walk up, and not only is there no odor but the amount of dust reduction was the most remarkable. I never realized just how much dust was coming from the clay litter and since switching I noticed my cats no longer “pull” at their toes when grooming, no more stuck lumps of clay. My vet said he recommends Worlds Best because it is less likely to cause blockages in kitties intestinal tract then the clay litters, something I never thought about. However, for me, the biggest benefit is that I can flush it! No more lugging heavy bags of stinky cat litter to the garbage on a daily basis! I love, love, love Worlds Best and recommend it to anyone who listens (and even some who don’t haha).

  11. I saw this litter “demonstrated” at a trade show years ago. At the time I had two kitties. They poured a bit of straight ammonia right into a small amount of litter…….instantly, no SMELL at all! Then they took and dropped it into a glass of water. It disintegrated immediately…..made of corn it is safe for the environment…….and you could even dispose of it in a commode if you wished. (I don’t, but you could.) I cannot tell you how much I love this product. Initially, I asked my pet store to order it…..they did, and now I notice I can even get this product in my local grocery store! Thank you for a WONDERFUL product. My house NEVER smells like a kitty lives there.

  12. My husband & I moved into a retirement community about a year ago. We are in an apt on the second floor. Niether one of us wanted to scoop the box and take it to the trash. So, we are very happy that we can flush everything. Also, I have asthma and the dust from clay litters really bothered me, so much so, that I could not clean or put new litter in the box. Now, I scoop with out having any problems breathing. My husband is happy to have the help. Keeping the box next to the toilet is such a luxury! Zorro and Buttercup had now problem changing to this wonderful product. Thanks for making it. WE LOVE IT!!!

  13. I’ve tried several litters over the last 12 years, and I can stop now that I’ve found World’s Best. There are a number of things that I like about it. My biggest issue is the dust cloud and film that comes with the clay litters. If I don’t like it, I can only imagine how my cats feel having to breathe it and clean it off of their fur. There is almost no dust as you pour World’s Best into the litter box! It clumps better than any litter I’ve used in the past. it lasts much longer in the litter box. I can now wipe out the empty litter box with a disposable cleaning wipe when I switch old litter out because this litter doesn’t stick to the box like others! I can’t say enough about this product. Excellent!!

  14. I had no trouble with some of my cats using it right away. I just changed one box from pine pellets and my mama Bengal was in the box before I had even finished filling it. As for not throwing the stuff around—-oh yes they do.

  15. I’ve been using World’s best for at least 4 years now and I LOVE it!!! Before adopting a cat of my very own in October 2010, I fostered cats for a local shelter and had a side business boarding cats for vacationers. It’s great for multi-cat households, since it is wonderful for containing smells. There’s very little dust cloud and you don’t have to worry about kitty litter lung or other problems if your cats have breathing problems. The best part though is that even though it’s a clumping litter and completely organic…It’s FLUSHABLE! I’ve had various numbers of cats at a time (up to 13 at once), meaning up to 15 litter boxes around my apartment. I live in a 4th floor walk up in a Pay-as-you-throw town. So I was having to haul at least 4 bags of (HEAVY) dirty litter ($8 worth a week) to the curb and boy does that add up quickly. With World’s Best Litter, as long as I don’t try to flush too many clumps at once, I can just drop them into the toilet and they dissolve and flush beautifully. Plus it’s super clumping action keeps the rest of the litter VERY clean, so you DON’T have to change the entire box out every week to ten days. This of course means that I don’t have to haul billions of pounds of clay litter up 4 flights of stairs every week either. Wonderful Stuff!

  16. I’m a huge fan of WBCL (understatement). Since using it, along with the LitterChamp containers for dirty litter (Love/Love), my life has been simplified immensely. I haven’t tried flushing it because I’ve had to have my sewer line cleared numerous times in the past (mostly tree roots get in it), so I’m a little paranoid about adding something else to it. After reading some of the comments about it though, maybe I’ll try it.

    I have 4 cats (Ages 20, 15, 10, and 4 years), one of which is diabetic (the 15-yr-old), so I have to scoop about 5 times as often as most folks, and I can’t rave enough about how much better using this litter is. All the claims in the other comments are so true about odor, clumping, dust, etc. I do have to clean up a little residue from paws on the floor near the boxes sometimes, but I never found a litter that didn’t have that issue. And the other benefits are just so fabulous. Living on a fixed retirement income, I do wish that the cost could come down; but I hope I’ll never have to go back to that other junk. Having to buy 2-3 of the 34-lb Multi-cat bags/month, this becomes a somewhat major expense.

    I saw a comparison on an episode of “Must Love Cats” (Animal Planet cable channel) where they compared litters–clay, corn, etc.; but I think it must have been sponsored by one of the clay litters because I totally disagreed with their “lab analysis”. Maybe they were using a different corn-based litter, but their demonstration indicated that it didn’t clump as well as clay–NOT!!! I love the way WBCL clumps and doesn’t gum up on the bottom or sides of the box. So much cleaner and easier to scoop! And I live in an area where the humidity is usually about 90% or higher. Just scoop it up, dump it in the LitterChamp, and away I go!

    I could probably write a book about how much I love this product, so I’ll stop; but if you don’t try it soon, you’ll be sorry you waited so long.

  17. Actually, I find the opposite true about World’s Best being more expensive. Buy in yes, but I did compare use and in the long run it’s more cost effective. For full particulars about this and my overall experiences with World’s Best Litter, read my review titled “Kitty Kitty Bang Bang” on the Epinions web site.

  18. A friend recommended World’s Best Cat Litter to me when I adopted Molly 2 years ago. She had no problem using it right from the beginning. The box is in my bedroom next to the bathroom door. There is no odor at all compared to other scoopable litter I used with my previous cat. The best thing though is that I live on the third floor in my condo and am handicapped and being able to flush it away is wonderful! I’m also happy that it is environmentally friendly. Best product ever!

  19. I love World’s best Cat Litter and agree that it is the best by far. Unhappily I cannot pay the price for it since I have a number of cats.

  20. This is the one! Wish I had it all those years with my 20-yr-old diabetic and all those heavy clay brands. With my new girl (a 12-yr-old Siamese who loves to scatter), it’s been great. Thought Feline Pine scoopable was wonderful too because it was lightweight, controled odor well, no perfume. But it was difficult to sift, and she kicked it out of the box a lot. Worlds Best clumps so well urine never hits the bottom of the box, even if I let it go a while between scooping (:. Have used it a couple months, haven’t had to change it yet, just scoop and add more. I’m in a very small place, and the box is in an alcove off the living room. It’s about 5 feet from my nose right now, no odor at all. A tip–I have the box on a low tray about 3′ square made for putting under a washing machine that I got at Home Depot for $15. That holds her scattering (much less than with the pine), and I keep a wisk broom near the tray to sweep it up quickly. I see WB sold at Target and Fred’s now. Economical over time. Great value, can’t imagine how it could be improved.

  21. I live in a very small studio apt. with my best friend Leeloo the Wonder Cat. We have been using World’s Best for about 4 years and we Love, Love Love it! Odor is never an issue – we have had visitors walk in and say “I thought you had a cat” I only have to completely change the litter 3ish times a year. I just scoop once daily and add alittle extra as needed.

  22. “Our verdict? Two thumbs and four paws up!” Shouldn’t it be 2 thumbs and 8 paws up?
    I love WBCL but I’m concerned b/c the last few bags I’ve purchased have been very powdery and much less granular. My cats are not happy about it as am I! The powder sticks to their fur and gets all over my carpeting, and adheres to my CiCi’s paws. She now appears to have beige fur on her back paws instead of white.
    I sent a note via email regarding this situation but, have heard nothing at all from WBCL.

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