Do You Wipe Your Cat’s Butt?

Sure, our fastidious furry feline friends are experts at grooming themselves and often get right to work “down there” after a litter box visit.

My Pugsley boy has been known to do “the scoot” from time to time when he’s suffering from a bout of the runs (poor baby). Maybe yours has too.

But they don’t always do a thorough job on themselves, do they?

I’ve definitely gone after them with a wet paper towel before. But did you know there are actual cat Tushie Wipes? Thanks to Amy and Sebastian over at Sea Bass Cat for cluing me in to this. Amy and Sebastian use Whisker City wipes from Petsmart.

Frankly, I can’t believe I never thought of this before. I mean, as the mom to a (human) newborn and a (human) toddler, I wipe a lot of poopie butts around here.

I’m totally getting some of these wipes.

My guys are super sensitive so I think I might check into Earthbath All Natural Hypo-Allergenic and Fragrance-Free Grooming Wipes. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile, do any of you wipe your cat’s butt? I’d love to hear about your experiences and preferred products!


  1. I have 13 Cats, and yes I do do (doodoo, get it?) a fair amount of wiping, as well as the occasional bath; some jobs are bigger than a wipe. I use a damp paper towel mostly.

  2. Yes, I have wiped kitty butts…and I’ll do it again, anytime they need me to ­čśë I usually use a facial tissue, but I’ve been tempted to use baby wipes or my bird’s Poop-Off wipes. They’re non-toxic and very safe for birds, which are even more sensitive than kitties to some things. That said, I will be searching for some TushieWipes, just for the girls!

  3. LOL!!! Just the title of this piece alone got me to laughing!
    While I don’t necessarily wipe off the butts of my male kitties, I DO end up PULLING pieces of dried poop off of the behind of my senior torti! Makes my girl VERY angry as it probably hurts, but darn it, I get so tired of seeing that piece of literally ‘carp’ sticking out from some area of her butt! Thanks for the link to the all natural, fragrance free and hypo-allergenic grooming wipes. Will definitely pick up some of this product.
    OH! You probably know this, but perhaps others don’t, when one’s cat IS scooting across the floor this could very well be a sign that your kitty has worms. Bring your baby to the vet for a check to make certain that there are no parasites making her/his anus itch!

    • Another thing that can cause cats and dogs to drag their butts across the floor is impacted anal glands, which can be expressed by a vet or (much cheaper IMHO) groomer.

  4. I also have 13 cats, but my Eli, lovingly nicknamed Mr. Poopy, has occasional explosive diarrhea episodes if he’s been upset or frightened. I keep a box of regular baby wipes handy for these occasions. He’s mortified when I have to wipe his butt, especially with the others watching, but he’s a much happier boy when he’s all clean!

  5. Ah, yes, I’ve done my fair share over the years of wiping many a cat’s butt. When I had my long-haired kitty she had dirty pants 70% of the time. I think she came to expect a wipe-down as part of the litter box routine!

  6. Tripsie, being long-haired and having only one hind leg, can sometimes have trouble with dingle berries, and also with keeping herself clean *down there*. And Kitty’s arthritis also makes it hard for him to clean himself in those hard to reach places. We just get refillable baby wipe containers and use those.
    Sometimes though, when Tripsie gets a dingle berry and doesn’t want any help, she goes ZOOMing off through the house to shake it off. Made for some fun surprises when we moved our furniture.

  7. Haha! You know, I thought that in having kitties instead of kiddies, I’d never have these conversations. Guess I was wrong! LOL!

    Most of the time, my 8 take care of themselves just fine; however, I have been known to wipe a bum or two when someone’s having a rough time. I also bathe them sometimes if they get really sick. (Thankfully, that’s rare.)

    I have kitty wipes, but they dried out. When I need to use one, I simply take one of the dry ones out of the tub, run a little water on it, and voila!

  8. I wipe my Baylee’s butt EVERY night. He likes to lay in my bed and sleep with me. He’s is going to have a clean butt and paws. I use Johnson & Johnson baby wipes, unscented, all over maybe 3-4 times a week. The smell is just like a baby and he Loves it!!!! and he smells great all the time. His coat is shiny and glossy, healthy looking. Those kitty wipes are so expensive. The baby wipes do not have anything (as far as ingredients go) less than the ones they say are strictly for cats.

  9. i wipe my cats tuchy with a regular human wipe…. she is not allergic to them but does hate the process!!!!!… i give her a bath once a month but at least once a week i use these same wipes (huggies) to wipe her fur all over… i have asthma and this helps me lots….you dont need special kitty wipes at all… i use chamomille baby shampoo to bathe her … there is no aftersmell and she is not allergic to that either…

  10. I definitely wipe my cats bum. When I first adopted her she had a bad case of the runs for a few weeks and it drove me nuts as she kept getting it on her paws when she tried to cover it up and then walked all over the carpet and I had to wash loads of the carpet with washing liquid all the time.

    I decided that enough was enough and i would wipe her dainty little butt after each poop and help her scoop the litter over for her. She definitely did not like the wipes but it had to be done, poor girl. Now her poop has hardened up but i still like to give her a little wipe as it is piece of mind for me and then I am happy to let her roam the whole flat and let her onto anything knowing it should be clean.

    When she had the runs she would sneeze and bless her a little poop came out too! One time while she was curled up on my lap! She is so cute I just cannot get angry at her and its not really her fault at all.

    You bring the pet into your life so you have to be ready to look after it too.

    • Yr comment is very touching and holds a lot of truth. That’s exactly how i feel about my two cats. The 8 y/o is a little on the chubby side and she has anal glands, which have been a problem all her life despite the good food. Anyway, after her bathroom visits i have to wipe her behind or she’ll scoot to try to clean herself because she can’t reach her behind. She’s a handful, and not very nice. But i chose to bring her into my home (she was rescued from a dumpster at a few days old) and so i have to do right by her. Plus, she’s all over everyone’s beds!

      My 5 y/o mixed persian/maine coone is another story. He’s very affectionate, attached, communicative, but wakes me up at weird hours to feed him! Omg! But i love my cats and i can do anything for them! Lucky basards! Lol

  11. I just use parents choice unscented wipes. No reason to spend more money than you have to. Been using these for a long time and if you can use them on infants, then they’re definitely okay for cats and dogs. Save your money!

  12. Hi,
    I save old baby wipe containers or large coffee containers and wash them out well. Then, I simply place a roll of paper towels in a large bowl, wet them entirely with water and remove the cardboard insert. Then I put the paper towels in a large coffee container. I usually tear off every 2 sheets. It takes 5 minutes. I used to make a solution of 2 cups hot water, 1 tbsp. coconut oil and 1 tbsp. earth pet all natural pet bath wash but the paper towels with water work just fine. I wipe my 2 cats bums almost daily, or as needed. I studied essential oils and please note, they are NEVER safe for cats. Water and paper towels are just fine. I have them in tubs around the house for easy access. Be safe and enjoy your kitties!

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