FLOR – a Rug Solution for the Rest of Us

Small FLOR rug sample

Have you ever noticed that pet owners rarely have gorgeous plush wall-to-wall carpeting or lovely oriental rugs scattered across their beautifully finished wood floors?

To those pet owners who do: I am JEALOUS. The rest of us are stuck with stained carpeting that is strategically covered with furniture or a throw rug.

If you’re like me, you have ALL hardwood floors with only a few – if any – rugs.  In fact, it’s a wonder I have any rugs at all because someone (I’m not mentioning any names but he’s white and his name rhymes with “Pomeo”) pees on every carpet we’ve ever owned.  So now we regularly throw away area rugs once they’ve been peed on beyond hope. And we’ve stopped replacing them.


But guess what?! There is a terrific solution to this problem! Enter FLOR. I first heard about FLOR on Dooce.com a couple of years ago. These things are genius.

Love the modules!

FLOR is a very cool system of carpet squares that you can put together yourself to create the shape, size or pattern of rug you want.

Neat, right?

But here’s the really cool part about them that you’ll want to hear about. In their own words, FLOR is “Made for Real Life. Stands up to kids, pets and spills.  Change squares, not rooms.”

That’s right. When you have an oopsie on the rug that can’t be salvaged, you can just replace the square, not the whole dang thing! Awesome, awesome, awesome.

In fact, I was actually planning to order some FLOR squares to make a rug for our living room when the FLOR people emailed me to tell me about their new House Pet line – its surface looks like faux mohair and comes in good colors suitable for heavy traffic and….aha! Pets!

Easy peasy assembly

So I said, YES send me some samples and let’s see what this stuff is all about.  Each square is 19.7 inches and they are super easy to assemble, using a system of sticky dots that hold the carpet squares in place. This also makes them easy to disassemble if you need to, um, replace a square.

They have all kinds of beautiful patterns and colors. The colors I chose as samples are neutral tones from their pet line.  I’m trying to decide what jazzy pattern to do in my living room now – so many choices!

Ah, FLOR. You have changed my rugless life forever. Bless you.

If you want to learn more about FLOR, visit their site or call their number: 866-281-3567.

P.S. I wasn’t compensated for this post nor is FLOR a Happy Litter Box sponsor (but maybe they should be, hee hee!) I did receive free samples to try out but wasn’t obligated to write about them. But man, these things are cool!


  1. I have hardwood floors, high end oriental carpets bought on my travels, art, and good furniture. Why should having a cat and a nice home be mutually exclusive things? In fact, my beautiful cat adds to the decor!

  2. I was very fortunate and had a windfall back in the Spring, which allowed me to finally tear out all of the carpeting on the first floor of my house and replace it with porcelain tile. I love, love, LOVE IT! It is so pretty and so impervious and so easy to clean!

    We’re going to do the upstairs, once we can save up again, but probably in something like pergo.

    These FLOR squares look really neat. They might be good to have in the Winter.

  3. What a great product. I’m thinking for downstairs in a bathroom. Afraid I’m one of those people who have carpeting all over. Always have had. But, I’ve also always had one cat at a time. Don’t know if that makes a difference or not, but never had a problem.

    • Ingrid, that is a great idea. Yes, you most definitely could. Some people create small rugs and others literally do their whole room in it.

  4. Hi, Romeo!
    This product is terrific, and many of my friends who are staff to cats and dogs swear by Flor. I have a number of samples in my house, but my husband and I disagree radically on color. I’m convinced my rescue kitties play some mysterious version of Bingo on them.
    Love to all,
    Carolyn and the rescue Persians

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