Litter Deal Alert!

Hey Litter Box buddies!

Did you know there is a special World’s Best Cat Litter deal going down at Target right now?

If you purchase three bags of the clumping World’s Best litter, you get a $5 Target gift card! And, seriously, who can’t use a $5 Target gift card?

THE PROMO IS THROUGH THE 18TH. That’s tomorrow, people.

Anyhoo, just thought you might like to know….Mwah!


  1. It sounds like she is allergic to the litter. Vet thought my cat was allergic to either corn, wheat, some kind of grain, so I have been feeding expensive food for a long time without these grains. He doesn’t seem to be affected by this litter. Or, she might be so upset about having to use a litter that she’s not used to, that she developed a nervous habit of chewing on herself. I add a little “Tidy Cat” to this litter, and it weighs it down more, and isn’t so fluffy. You can start with a lot of the regular in the mix, and gradually add more of world’s best to the mix over weeks.

  2. So sad I can’t use this litter. It was going so well for us, my litterbox princess was using it and the dig a trench to china kitty wasn’t playing in it. And then I noticed that dig a trench baby had begun obsessively grooming her belly (to the point that she’s given herself a buzz cut). Out went the World’s Best and in came the old clumping clay litter – complete with both litter boxes being washed, the rooms they’re in being mopped, and both kitties getting baths. It’s taking some time for the hair to grow back, but at least her grooming is back down to normal levels. Have you heard of anyone else having this issue?

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