What’s the Perfect Litter Box Design?

Maybe it’s not even invented yet!

The fine folks over at How Stuff Works have turned their attention to litter boxes this week and are running a contest to solicit the best ideas for building a “better litter box.”

From their site:

What will collect the pet poop of tomorrow? Whether you have blueprints and a patent or just a doodle and a half-cocked dream, we’d love to hear it. Send your designs for a better litter box to [email protected] with the subject line “Build a Better Litter Box.” We’re looking for one of the following: 1) an article with 500 words or fewer describing your proposed innovation, 2) an image gallery with 5-10 pictures of something you’ve actually built or 3) a detailed illustration of your excellent invention.

Hurry. You only have until July 22, 2011, to do so. After that, we’re scooping out the losers and publishing our five favorite entries. Winners will receive some free swag and see their litter box innovations published on our site.

Here’s your chance for fame and fortune. We’ll say we knew you when.

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