A Small Price to Pay for a Happy Litter Box

I can’t stop giggling about an article that appeared in the Columbus Dispatch this morning.

The author, Cindy Decker, shares what great lengths she’s gone to in order to secure the one litter her cat, Nanuq, will use.

After her grocery store stopped carrying it, this passionate cat parent was unable to find Nanuq’s favorite litter locally. Due to exorbitant shipping costs, buying online was out of the question. So Cindy contacted the manufacturer, who only sells to retailers and wholesalers, registered as a retailer and now receives bulk shipments of her cat’s favorite litter delivered by the truckload. Her first order came to $700!

Why am I giggling? The same reason you are. Because we get it. And, in my humble opinion, no hurdle is too high to jump to keep a cat peeing in the litter box – even storing 72 jugs of litter in your storage room like Cindy does.

So tell me, what crazy things have you done to keep your cat happy and peeing where he should?


  1. I don’t even have problems with my cats’ habits, but I have still spent ridiculous amounts of money on litter boxes over the years – especially during my lengthy (and ultimately doomed) flirtation with automated ones.

    I have finally ended up with a big mix-and-match collection of boxes that seem to suit the cats just fine with just a couple of fancy ones (ModKat – love them!) in parts of the house where the boxes are visible.

  2. Caroline,

    I had a trip when I read this (and the article you refer to)! I can SO identify with the situation.

    One thing that’s been particularly hard for me is that I really, really try to use organic cat products. (If not organic, 100% natural…if not 100% natural, pet-test-free…you get the idea!) You’d think organic cat litter would be one of the easier cat products to use, but in my experience it’s been incredibly difficult to find any the cat will ACTUALLY use.

    Anyhow, I LOVE the blog. I’m working on one that’s somewhat simliar: http://petluvr.net/ (Yvonne over at BlogPaws suggested I reach out and say hello.) It appears we’ve shared similar battles! I hope to my blog looks this good one day and look forward to meeting you.



  3. So far no litter box issues over the many years and 4 cats – one at a time. I sometimes think you run into more issues if there are more than one cat in the house or perhaps even illness.

  4. I have two cats, one male and one female. Hate to sterotype the two … BUT, the with the male, Misha, all I have to do is point to any receptacle (lol) and say ‘this is your bathroom’ and he is good to go! Ah, but Pumpkin is a completely different story. She has been known to boycott a litter and/or litterbox at whim (or so it seems) and actually ‘held it in’ for nearly a day-in-a-half without complaining before I realized what was happening. Because of this experience, I can completely understand Cindy Decker’s desperate need to keep Nanuq’s favorite litter on hand!! Fortunately in my case, the litter that Pumpkin needs is readily available. However, to take care of the ‘style of the litterbox issue’, I offer three lovely litterboxes in different sizes/shapes and even colors (and I have an extra in storage as backup, just in case) and, thankfully, for the past 10 years and counting, Pumpkin has happily had the choice of chosing between three boxes with the same litter, of course. Having the option of three litterboxes also ensures that at least one is clean in between my sifting AND each feels that they are not being forced to share … Pumpkin & Misha love each other but sibling rivalry is alive and well!!! Eliminating outside of the box or not at all, is more stressful on the kitty than it is to anyone else. It is a very small price to pay to raise two healthy, happy cats! Cat and dog owners, alike, would agree that we will do just about anything to keep our furry family members happy and healthy!

  5. I love it! I haven’t done this for litter, but I have been known to go to great lengths (translate: visit every pet store and grocery store within a 25 mile radius) finding just the right food for a fussy, finicky cat.

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