The Nose Knows Nose Offense

While cats bring so much joy to a household, they also bring less than lovely odors, mostly related to the litter box.

And, the thing about litter box odors is that they sneak up on you. Our litter box station is in the basement so one would think any stink is contained downstairs. Nope. For some reason, when I’m in the kitchen, I often smell a random waft of cat pee. Or, even more poignant, cat poop.

So, short of scooping the litter box 20 times a day, what’s a cat parent to do?

I personally hate spraying deodorizers around the box because most of them are full of chemicals and fragrances. Quite a few of these types of products use a group of harmful chemicals, known as phthalates, to create the ‘fresh’ smell that air fresheners produce. And we try to keep exposure to those things to a minimum in our household.

Fortunately there are a few natural products on the market, though. I have tried some and some of them work well and others, not so much.

One that does work extremely well is Nose Offense.

Nose Offense is an all-natural, non-toxic odor neutralizer. There are no scents, alcohol, phenol & phenol derivatives, phosphates and phthalates. And, their packaging is biodegradable and recyclable. Whew!

OK but does it work? Yes! The first project I gave to Nose Offense was to keep me from dying of stinkiness after Pugsley used the litter box for #2. This stuff was really amazing. I sprayed it in the air around the litter box and soon the smell was gone and there were no perfume-y scents or particles to gag on. Nice!

I also sprayed it on the blanket that both boys love to sleep on. I don’t know how cat-ty that smells, because I may be used to it, so I asked my friend who does not have cats. She says my house does not smell like cats live here. Now that’s a relief.

The big test was to see if it could zap smells across species. I used it after a certain male human visited the powder room. Awesome! Got rid of that stink pretty fast as well.

Great product, great results and great feeling when I use it. Nose Offense makes it easy to zap odors and help the environment.

You can learn more or purchase your own bottle here.

And, just so you nose (ha ha) know: Nose Offense is a Happy Litter box sponsor and they have compensated me for exposure on this blog. But you guys know that I would not let any sponsors on board that I did not believe made superior product. So, suffice it to say I’d be talking about these guys even if they weren’t a sponsor. They’re that good!


  1. I’ve always had cats so I’ve always had at least some cat odor in my house. However, about a decade ago I got a job working for a company that sold air purifiers and one of the brands, Austinair, had a filter that had a lot of carbon (which is good at absorbing odors). So I purchased one with my employee discount and put it in the room with the litter box. Nowadays, new guests in my home are surprised when Vladimir (my Russian Blue) comes out to say hi because no odor precedes him! I hope you don’t mind the plug but I have my own company now and we sell the Austinair purifiers. Of course, you can get them locally also.

  2. so funny, i just ordered a bottle last week! i have to say, i’ve tried almost every odor eliminator on the market and this surpasses the competition BY FAR! it has no fragrance and gets rid of that litter box smell in seconds.. i HIGHLY recommend you give it a try!

  3. Been using the stuff here in the BZTAT homestead too. With 5 cats, the box gets full quickly, and I just can’t follow them around with a scoop. I also use it for the human bathroom. Works great, and you don’t have that stinky perfume smell trying to cover up the other smells. I am a fan!

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