How to Make a Litter Box Cake

litter box cake

OMG When I saw this kitty litter cake post, I thought of you guys and just had to share it.

I found this on PetMD, courtesy of Dr. Patty Khuly. In her words, “In case you have never heard of a litterbox cake (and few outside of pet professional circles have), a litterbox cake is a disgusting but delicious attempt at black humor. Like sending a dozen dead, yet still beautiful, roses to a loved one on Halloween, a litterbox cake says: I love you and aren’t I clever and creative?”

Personally, I also think only a cat parent can make another cat parent a litter box cake. Because we’ll know that it’s meant to be funny. Not meant to mock that which non-cat people just can’t understand.

Although, this would be pretty funny for anyone at Halloween! And if they don’t think it’s funny….well, I dunno. I just hope it’s not your boss.

Here are the ingredients, per Dr. Khuly, to give you a taste (ha ha) of what is involved. Click here for the full recipe and directions.

-2 recipes brownies (homemade is best but Entenmanns can work, in a pinch)
-1 recipe chocolate frosting (buy only if you absolutely must as these taste like hell from a can)
-2 recipes angel food or white cake (unfrosted store bought, if necessary)
-1 large box Nerds with greens and blues picked out (or one small box of each color)
-1 bag Tootsie Rolls candies
-1 brand new (please!) litterbox (best with kitty designs on the side or partial litterbox cover or splashguard so there’s no mistaking the cat-box for what it is)
-1 brand new litter scooper (to match the box)
-1/4 cup dark honey

Thanks for the giggle, Dr. K. I suppose now that I have shared this so enthusiastically, I should make one. Shall I?

Who else will make one with me? How about a litter box cake bake off with some cool prize? Who’s in?


  1. I made a litterbox cat once for my dog training club. It was my dachshund’s birthday and he wanted to share his favorite treat. Since I didn’t think they would appreciate the real thing, I made the cake. They loved it!

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