Make Your Own Big Litter Box

make your own litter box
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A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the NVR Miss litter box, which has high sides and is perfect for those kitties who like to pee up the wall when doing their business. There was a very active Facebook discussion on the topic because it seems like a lot of people have the same problem!

Some people wondered if the NVR Miss might be too small for big cats. Well, the company is sending me a sample to try out so I will let you know.

In the meantime I learned about a fantastic Do-it-Yourself solution over at Paws-and-Effect, where the gang answered a readers’ question about peeing up the wall and pointed to the Pet Project Blog, for instructions for turning a 25-gallon storage box into a litter box. It’s pretty easy and quick. Head over there and see for yourself.

The kitties at Paws-and-Effect do point out to make sure you sand the opening very well so your cats don’t get cut on the sharp edges and don’t assume you need to use the lid on the box since lots of cats don’t like the covered boxes.

In addition to keeping pee in the box, the big, high-sided storage totes also keep litter in the box for the cats who like to dig (and dig, and dig, and dig) and scatter litter everywhere.

If you try this, please let me know what you think of it and send photos!

Readers, any DIY solutions you’d like to share?

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  1. I have been using storage containers for years…(for adults)
    not the cover just the container…it works wonderful…….
    hardly any litter scratched outside of box
    and they are only $4. at Walmart compared to about $10 to $18 for
    the regular litter boxes

  2. I got a really tall tote that wasn’t overly big (can’t recall what brand, but it has a locking lid) and put a hole in the lid. My cat who is Mr. Fussy about his box took to it immediately, while the other two used the existing Booda Dome I had there (I kept both out at first). I eventually removed the Booda and after a few weeks of trekking upstairs to their other Booda, they both also started using it. It cuts down on the mess of litter everywhere and with 3 large male cats (12-15 lbs, mostly muscle, all quite long), it does wonders at keeping urine in (it seeped out where the lid met the bottom in the Booda because one likes to hit the walls). I glued a basic black mat I cut from Home Depot and its perfect… and easy to clean!

  3. I’ve been using litter boxes made out of storage totes for years now. My cats are way too big to even consider putting a lid on them, tho. Started using them when my ‘tallest’ cat kept missing the edge of the box & peeing on the floor. It wasn’t really his fault, as the sides on ‘normal’ litter boxes aren’t that high & I’ve noticed that my boy cats don’t squat as much as the females do when they pee. We cut a u-shape opening on the one end of the storage tote & made sure (after a few trial & errors) that the cut out side was no further down the about half the height of the side of the tote (make sense?). If it was cut down too far, I’d still end up with the same problem of the boy cat peeing over the edge. We also had trialed zip tying 2 storage totes together: one tote set upside down on top of the other tote, to try & cover the box but make it so the taller cats wouldn’t hit their heads on the tote when assuming the position to leave solid waste in the litter box. But my cats don’t like closed in spaces, so I just left them with the open roof boxes.

  4. Something to consider: One of the reasons cats may refuse to use a litterbox is if they feel closed-in or too restricted for a quick escape. Such is the case with closed or covered boxes – so I’m told. Never tried a covered one myself.

    Also, the NVR Miss Litterbox was rejected by our 18 pound Rascal. I think he felt too confined by the high sides. I posted that info and the inventor called me. After a talk, he’s sending me one of a different color to try. He thinks it might make a difference. I don’t quite understand why it would, but who knows?

  5. Litter Box DIY very useful info always, as multiple cats means multiple
    problems, mostly late night too! I can live without the Corporate sponsorship
    although Rubbermaid would be OK

    Sanity is highly over-rated!

  6. Cool idea! The only problem I would have with it is the opening itself. One of my older cats doesn’t squat to good anymore and tends to pee out the opening. I have the litter boxes inside Rubbermaid storage containers (the ones that are about 6 inches high) right now, so that if she does “squirt” out the opening it’ll go on the potty pad in the container. Yes, I have doggy potty pads lining all the boxes. What we won’t do for our furries!

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