Jackson Galaxy Recommends Fizzion

fizzionI’ve received a few emails from readers today wanting to know about the cat urine remover Jackson Galaxy mentioned in My Cat From Hell premiere last night. It’s called Fizzion.¬† I have not personally tried this but I am definitely going to and I will let you know what I think!

In the meantime, did you watch My Cat From Hell last night? What did you think?

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  1. Hi – I’m glad I found this show — I have a cat that is 1/2 ferral and 1/2 Turkish angora — he’s all white, long hair, and with pink ears — one would never suspect that he has ‘ferral’ behavior – but he does. He has these episodes where he growls and claws and bites without provocation. — at one point we were going to give him up but then i found the cat from hell show. It’s amazing — we now think in terms of being a cat and things have calmed down quite a bit. The show featuring Larry was excellent and since the couple mentioned how they got her, I’m figuring Larry is also 1/2 ferral — she has the same sort of behavior as Ajax. Thanks for the show and for letting us know about Fizzion — Ajax urinates and sprays although he’s neutered. It’s getting out of control.

  2. Yes, I watched the show last night…very informational…I have had cats for a very long time and only recently have had the urine problems in the house. I have tried everything to remove the smell, but nothing works or keeps them from doing it again…I guess this happens in a house with multiple cats (territorial). I have learned a lot about cat habits, etc just by being around them (since I was a little girl) but this show showed me there is still a lot to learn. I look forward to seeing more shows like this…..I also have other cat problems. Thanks Jackson,

  3. Love the show!!!! I just started watching it it was on all day Sunday here in nebraska. I have a cat myself she loves to climb walls at nite and I can’t get her to stop:/. Just wanted to say hi and love the show

  4. I thought jackson galaxy said something about canned air or something so random but it worked so well.

    anyone remember?

  5. I am SO glad we stumbled across your show last year. I have learned so much about cat behavior, etc. Jackson, we need your help. Our two cats (one female black calico and one male Siamese mix – both spayed and neutered) have over the last few months begun to pee all around the house, mostly on top of towels or clothes left in a lump on the floor or on top of the bath tub cover, etc. The other problem is they’re throwing up their food. Every day! Both of them!! We’ve tried so many types of food…dry, wet…we spoke to a person at a local big-box pet store and they recommended a particular brand of dry food and suggested we try to add olive oil as she felt they were suffering from excessive hairball issues. So, we’ve done that, and no changes. Suggestions??? It’s SO embarrassing when people come over. Our house is a disaster area. The carpet is absolutely ruined, and smells so awful. We’re going to pick up some of this “Fizzion” and give that a try. Suggestions?? We’re desperate. We LOVE our kitties and can’t imagine getting rid of either. We’re also worried that they’re unhappy and unhealthy.

    • Hi, your kitties need organic dry and canned food, filtered water, and add edible clay in their water,if they are indoor cats do not over vaccianate, try holistic natural aproaxhes, my dad is a holistic veterinarian,if you need any suggestions of food let me know
      many blessings karima

      • I have a female calico that throws up all the time. I have tried limited ingredient, rabbit, turkey, grain-free. She doesn’t throw up hairballs…it’s undigested food. She eats and a few minutes later, throws up. I think she’s bulimic! Can you suggest a good organic food and where to find it?

  6. I am losing my mind,no matter what I try,my cat continues to praying in one area of the dining room.I about to take her to a shelter or just give her away to whomever will take her. She is a older tabby. there is no other animals in the home. I will try this product I hope it works.

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