Getting Rid of The Cat Urine Smell

Have you ever visited Paws and Effect? It’s a terrific blog written by a team of very wise cats. Yesterday’s topic? One of our favorites over here at The Happy Litter Box: CAT PEE!

Siouxsie, Dahlia and Thomas answer a reader’s question about getting out the cat pee smell. They offer step-by-step instructions for cleaning cat pee (and a video!) and some recommended products like our new fave, Fizzion , and an old standby, Anti Icky Poo. And they gave our list of products a shout out too! (Thanks, Kitties!)

Hop on over and check them out.

In the meantime, what’s on your mind this week, readers? Cat pee? Cat poop? Litter brands? Wassup?


  1. Hi Caroline and Jen,

    Anti Icky Poo and Nature’s Miracle seem to be the most popular active enzyme urine cleaners on the market.

    I’ve used Anti Icky Poo myself and it helps as long as you apply it generously and also inject it into the carpet padding underneath the carpet. Another requirement is that you apply it shortly after the cat pees on the carpet or it won’t do much.

    I did that and it took out most of the smell. It was bad enough and I waited a little too long, so I also had to have a professional carpet cleaner come out and do the whole basement where the cat was peeing. That helped a lot more. Now the smell seems to be gone entirely but only time will tell.

    If a person waits more than a month or two after the cat pees on the carpet, they will probably have to replace the carpet padding and carpet. That’s what the carpet cleaner guy mentioned when he was here.

    Trick is to catch it early and take the kitty to the vet to see if peeing on the carpet is due to a medical issue such as a urinary tract infection or diseased kidneys.


    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

  2. No website, just an E-mail. I wanted to ask the Cat Daddy (Jackson Galaxy) about my cat Hava. Can a cat, ever be re-trained to use the cat box, when it has been hit or miss for a while? Already changed 2 floors. I am at my wits end on what to do. I have 3 cats and she is the most vocal of them all. I just dont know what she is trying to tell me. Can anyone help. Nancyh

    • Hi. I’m not “The Cat Daddy,” obviously, but I will tell you that yet, she can be re-trained; however, it takes a lot of hard work, and she may have to be re-trained more than once.

      I have a cat that once LIVED under my armoire in the living room. LIVED under there, as in never came out. (You do the math. Ick!) When my boyfriend moved in, we moved her first into the downstairs bathroom with totally new litter (a completely different kind and a completely different typeof box.)

      Once we got her to where she would go in her special box with her special litter, we changed the box to a regular one, but still with her special litter. Once we got her to where she would use the box all the time (this whole process took a few weeks, but we peeked in on her every day and gave her lots of attention,) we moved her into our bedroom for a few weeks. Eventually, we switched her over to crystals.

      In Juli’s case, the problem was that my ex did not take the time to properly introduce her to my other cats and integrate her. He just kind of opened the door to her room one day and was like “Have fun!” My current BF and I kept her in our room for a while and then started to reintroduce her to the other cats, properly. It took about two weeks to get her introduced and reintegrated. Now, she doesn’t hide, and she not only uses HER box with the crystals, but I’ve seen her using the other boxes, too! She’s not exactly the most sociable with the other cats, but she no longer hides.

      The first thing you should do with your kitty is have her checked the the vet to make sure there’s no health issue.

      Good luck!

  3. I have had cats all my life but I finally found a problem that stumps me. I have 2 indoor Ragdolls and have rescued 2 ferral kittens named Pooky and Cissy 1 1/2 years ago. We trapped them and had them spayed and nuetered. They spend the day outdoors as we have lots of ground for them to patrol including a state park right nextdoor. They come in around 3pm and stay in on our screen porch for the night. They have become sweet and fun kitties. They have all the ammenities that other indoor kitties would love to have, cat tree, toys, a heated house for chilly nights, and litter box. Here’s the problem, he is peeing in his water bowl. I have never heard of a cat doing this. He did it for quite awhile when he was younger but grew out of it and now he is doing it again. I don’t know how he is even doing it, it is a good size dog bowl because he would dump the smaller ones. Have you ever come accross this? This may even stump Jackson. Do I get a prize if I do???lol
    Kathy Janssen

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