The Best Pet Odor and Stain Removers

One topic that never gets old to pet parents is – odor and stain removal! Periodically I like to poll my pet friends to come up with a list of cleaners that really work. Here’s what they told me:

1. Fizzion

Once Jackson Galaxy mentioned Fizzion on his hit show, “My Cat From Hell,” Fizzion became an in-demand product. I’ve tried it and was very pleased with the results. Fizzion is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Nose Offense
2. NOse Offense

Nose Offense is an odor neutralizer for air and fabrics. It’s completely natural, non-toxic and biodegradable. I’ve used this and found it to be terrific for zapping odors – pet and other types too! Note, this is not a stain remover. Check out a review of Nose Offense. Also, full disclosure. They are an advertiser but I stand by my recommendation, advertiser or not!

clean + green
3. Clean + Green Litter Box Odor Remover and Cleaner for Cats

I’ve been a big fan of these products for a few years now. They really work and are non-toxic, biodegradable and sport recyclable packing. I’ve tried all of their products but frequently use the litter box spray and love it.
anti icky poo
4. Anti Icky Poo

Once you hear the name Anti-Icky Poo, you never forget it. I’ve tried this product for carpets and it definitely “gets the stink out.” They claim the product works for all kinds of “icky” stuff, including vomit, feces, skunk spray and other gross stuff. Luckily, I’ve only had to use it for cat pee! But it’s often recommended by the experts. Anti-Icky Poo is not all-natural or toxic-free so it’s a good idea to keep your pets out of the area you are cleaning.
Bissell ewww
5. Bissell’s Ewww Enzymatic Cat Stain and Odor Remover

Of course, when one installs new carpet, that is when your pet decides to initiate it! Such was the case with our new basement carpet and Romeo. I had some Bissell Ewwww on hand and used it to clean up the pee smell and stain. It worked great! This product does not claim to be toxin free so make sure your pets aren’t nearby when you use this and make sure it’s completely dry before letting your sweet babies near the spot again.
xo pet stain and odor remover
6. X-O Plus Odor Neutralizer Spray for Dogs and Cats

I’ve never used this product but it was recommended to me by someone I trust! It’s a non-toxic odor neutralizer and cleaner.
zero odor
7. Zero Odor

Zero Odor is getting a lot of accolades lately but I have not tried it…yet! It’s definitely on my list of solutions to try. But again, several trusted pet friends have raved about it. It’s only for eliminating odors; it’s not a stain remover.
nature's miracle
8. Nature’s Miracle

Another frequently recommended product, Nature’s Miracle, has been a mainstay in the pet odor and stain remover department for a long time. I’ve tried this as well. In fact, I laundered a blanket that got “targeted” by a misbehaving cat with this and it worked great!

There you have it! Let me know if you have questions. And, friends, just because a product claims to be all-natural or non-toxic does not mean it’s okay for your pets to ingest or breathe. Keep all cleaners and odor removers away from your pet and never spray anything directly on them!

So, what did I miss? What do YOU find works great?


  1. We personally swear by a product called Carbona 2-in-1 Oxy-powered Carpet Cleaner. We have cream Berber rugs and 5 cats – imagine that – and it just works beautifully on both the odor and the stain. We originally purchased it when we had a big ol’ junkyard dog who had diabetes and had “accidents” in the house (my word, it was like a Clydesdale going in the house…..) and we managed to take care of him until he passed away.

  2. You don’t have the best one around. I’ve tried so many different types and I have only had success wtih MyPetPeed. I have a cat prone to UTIs and as any cat owner knows, when they have an infection they let you know by not using the litter box. My Pet Peed not only removes the stain but completely eliminates all pet orders. I actually have used it to was my hardwood floors to get rid of older set in stains and odors and it works on other stains (dyes and paint for instance) as well.

  3. White vinegar works wonders! If using a steam cleaner, do the vinegar first, then the normal cleaner. Great for laundry as well!

  4. i’m a little shocked to see you have omitted genesis 950. Its the only thing I use for my pets. You have a lot of things listed on this page that completely don’t work. like Natures Miracle. Doesn’t work. i don’t know anyone who has used it and been happy with it. the Green +clean is garbage. i have 3/4 full cans of it under my sink because it is useless. genesis 950 is the only thing that really works and you really need to add it to your list.

    on another note someone commented to use vinigerr in a steam cleaner. ummmm – thats the last thing you should ever do if you have pet. it’s just common sense that viniger attracts animals to pee in spots. You put Viniger on your carpet and then you are pretty much telling your animal that is where they should pee.

  5. This doesn’t fall under the “cleaner” category but is a good option for pet odors in general: My friend swears by the CritterZone air purifier. She says it got rid of a cat urine smell in her home that nothing else could get rid of.

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