Can Cats Share the Litter Box?

If you have multiple cats in your home, can they share the litter box(es)? Well, it all depends on your cats.

Some cats are okay with sharing and others aren’t.

Regardless of your situation, you do need to have at least one litter box for each cat. And, experts recommend one additional box as well. So, if you have two cats, you should have three boxes. If you have three cats, you should have four boxes and so on.

Even if all of your cats use the same one box, it’s important to give them options!

My own cats are kinda willy-nilly when it comes to which box they use. They don’t mind sharing and they like to mix it up. We have two cats and three boxes, one of which is Romeo’s personal pee-box because he prefers to pee on a puppy pad or paper towel. It’s a free for all when it comes to poop.

What happens, though, when one of your cats intimidates the other cat around the litter box? That can be a major bummer and send the scaredy cat to other locations to do his business. Not so great.

In a recent article, Dr. Marty Becker answers a reader’s question about what to do when one of the cats attacks the other in the litter box.

He has some great solutions to create a harmonious potty situation. The one I thought was interesting was an increase in the number of boxes. Dr. Becker says, “Since your cats have known territorial issues, I’d have at least two boxes per cat, in at least two locations in different parts of the house.”

Definitely something to consider! Read the rest of Dr. Becker’s advice here.

Readers, do your cats share litter boxes? Any strife? How do you work through those issues?


  1. Good grief – one literbox per cat, plus an extra one?!? We have 5 furballs presently living with us, and they all manage to survive quite well with 2 litterboxes, thank you very much. They have sort of devised a plan of using the smaller one for “liquids” and the larger one for “solids”, which is fine with us. I think whatever works for your household is what you should use. Sometimes advice like this turns people off to having pets, so you have to be careful about advising what would be ideal as far as cleanliness goes. (Probably not having any pets at all – or kids – or husbands, for that matter…..)

  2. Hi Arlene, you are right. Whatever works for your household is best!

    But if someone starts having issues, increasing the number of boxes is definitely a good thing to try.

    I laughed at your last sentence. My house would be SO clean without cats, kids and husband! 🙂

  3. we have 4 inside cats… up to as many as 6 temporarily… 2 extra large covered boxes work fine, but I think the key to that is one upstairs and one downstairs and keeping them clean every 3 days …works for us. Yes, once in a while one pees outside the box…we put fresh clean towels, one outside each box to catch litter and the once in a while mishap…If you love and have pets… you clean up after them …just part of having them in your lives.

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