Weird Places Cats Pee

Surely, madame, you must be mistaken. Photo credit: Photoxpress

Under the category of “Hey guys, you’re not alone out there!” I thought I would do a little round up of the funniest/weirdest places cats have been known to pee. I queried my Facebook and Twitter community and here’s the list.

Some are funny, some are not funny, and some are just bizarro-world! But all will make you shake your head and sigh. Despite their odd and sometimes disturbing behavior, we love our cats anyway, don’t we?

Also, thanks to reader Mary for pointing this out, if peeing outside the box is new behavior, take your cat to the vet immediately! There could be a medical reason for the strange pee locations.

Of course, for some of us, weird pee spots are just a way of life. Sigh.

-In a box with their cat dancer toy
-Potted plants
-CD player
-China cabinet
-Bathroom rug
-Grandma’s jeans
-In a very, very small potpourri bowl
-In the dog’s crate
-On my head
-On my mother’s suitcase
-Random piece of rug in the corner of the basement
-Behind the TV
-In my purse
-In my slippers
-On my lap
-Zen garden
-On my ex’s clothes (insert smiley face from respondent here)
-The door
-Box of papers in the closet
-On my laptop
-In his water bowl
-In his cat bed
-On the edge of the shower curtain
-On my desk
-In the dryer
-On the mat outside the litter box
-In the hall closet
-On my bathrobe (gotta pick that up off the floor from now on!)
-In the cat carrier
-At the vet

Wow. That’s pretty much everywhere! What’s the weirdest place your cat has ever peed?