Weird Places Cats Pee

weird places cats peeUnder the category of “Hey guys, you’re not alone out there!” I thought I would do a little round up of the funniest/weirdest places cats have been known to pee. I queried my Facebook and Twitter community and here’s the list.

Some are funny, some are not funny, and some are just bizarro-world! But all will make you shake your head and sigh. Despite their odd and sometimes disturbing behavior, we love our cats anyway, don’t we?

Also, thanks to reader Mary for pointing this out, if peeing outside the box is new behavior, take your cat to the vet immediately! There could be a medical reason for the strange pee locations.

Of course, for some of us, weird pee spots are just a way of life. Sigh.

-In a box with their cat dancer toy
-Potted plants
-CD player
-China cabinet
-Bathroom rug
-Grandma’s jeans
-In a very, very small potpourri bowl
-In the dog’s crate
-On my head
-On my mother’s suitcase
-Random piece of rug in the corner of the basement
-Behind the TV
-In my purse
-In my slippers
-On my lap
-Zen garden
-On my ex’s clothes (insert smiley face from respondent here)
-The door
-Box of papers in the closet
-On my laptop
-In his water bowl
-In his cat bed
-On the edge of the shower curtain
-On my desk
-In the dryer
-On the mat outside the litter box
-In the hall closet
-On my bathrobe (gotta pick that up off the floor from now on!)
-In the cat carrier
-At the vet

Wow. That’s pretty much everywhere! What’s the weirdest place your cat has ever peed?


  1. On my pillow (turned out she had a bladder infection and it is common for them to pee in unusual places to get your attention when something is wrong)

  2. I think mine is the strangest. I have a strategic pee-er. When she gets mad she looks for something that will be directly related to the individual she is mad at. Several years ago, I had taken a small container of yogurt out of the fridge and put the lid on the counter. When I came back to the kitchen 15 minutes later, she had peed in the lid… to the brim… and not a drop spilled! To this day, I’m still impressed! HA!

  3. Oh boy – where to begin……by the back door, by the front door, by the fireplace, on top of the fridge, on top of the counter, in the kitchen sink (I’m ok with this one!), in the decorative glass bowl in my bedroom, under the bar, on top of the bar, in the cat beds, gee, I think I’d have an easier time answering where they don’t pee!

  4. I used to have a cat, Rose, who would pee in open suitcases. I always warned my houseguests. One them found out that duffel bags counted as suitcases as far as Rose was concerned.

    My cat, Keiki, peed everywhere. I took her to the vet several times and they kept saying that they couldn’t find any medical reason for her behaviour. I bought extra litterboxes for every floor of the house and sprayed with Feliway, but that didn’t help. She peed when she was annoyed with either us or our other two cats. Some of the weirdest places she peed were in unbrellas, on cushions (she went through a phase of peeing only on cushions for a month), and in the dish drainer. She also peed on our bed pillows and the bed, but only if we didn’t put a throw over the bed. She peed on duvets, but not on plush throws. In spite of all that, I miss her with all my heart. She died of cancer, at ten years old, two years ago this week. I still cry when I think of her, which is often. She was my baby girl.

  5. I once had a cat that climbed in a lower kitchen cabinet and peed in a rubbermaid dish! I had to throw it out & buy baby locks for all of my cabinets.

  6. My 16 year old cat, Bella, pees on things when the younger cats bug her too much. Several times she has peed on top of my electric stove. Not so bad if you see it, because it cleans up easily, but the first time she peed on the stove she peed right on the burner and down under it but didn’t hit anything on top. I was planning to make some spaghetti. I turned on the burner and put the pan on top with water to be boiled. When the burner heated up, the whole condo filled with the most foul odor. The smell of hot cat pee is unbelievably gross. Now I always give my stove a good sniff before attempting to cook anything. She hasn’t done this in quite a while but I am always vigilant!

  7. I have one that has peed on my side of the bed a few times and when I pick up the water bowl she’ll pee on the wall behind where it sat
    One that will pee behind the kitchen trash can.

  8. I might be a little late to this conversation, but we have to watch anywhere a plastic shopping bag is left. they must love the sound they make. I am not sure which cat it is, but one is always on the lookout for an unattended, referably empty, grocery store. bag.

  9. How about in a shotglass on our mini bar. didnt spill a drop…..I think this is because he was trained to pee in the specimen cups i brought home from work because he constantly gets struvite crystals so i keep up with checking him. How could I be mad…it was pretty amazing.

  10. On me, in the middle of night. Nothing like waking up to warm cat pee running down your back! Yuck!

  11. When I was a teenager, our cat (Toffo) would pee on my Dad’s dirty socks. Also, my Sister’s Bengal peed on her husband’d leather biking jacket!

  12. On my (now ex) mother in law!

    She also had a cat who would poop in the kleenex box. Only.

    My cat pees right over the drain in the bathtup.

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