Which Cat is Peeing Outside the Box?

No one's fessing up...So of course I have Google Alerts set for all things litter and litter box related so I can keep an eye out for awesome tidbits of information.

Today I came across Dr. Patty Khuly’s column in the Miami Herald. She was answering a reader’s question about how to tell which of their four cats was peeing where he shouldn’t.

Dr. Patty’s solution? First, she says to use a black light to pinpoint the pee areas. Then, to figure out which one is “the perp,” ask your vet for fluorescein, which is a special dye you can put in your cat’s food to “enhance” the color of the cat’s pee. By giving it to one cat at a time, you will soon figure out who needs some special attention.

Of course, once you know who’s making the mess, get that cat to the vet for a check up! Then figure out your next steps from there.

Dr. Khuly has a few more pieces of advice on this topic so hop on over to the full article here.