Jackson Galaxy on Cat Pee

Black persian cat
That’s my boy, Pugsley. Look at that floof!

For all of you out there concerned with cat pee, are you watching “My Cat From Hell” with Jackson Galaxy? Did you see the episode with Mufasa and her guardians Rudy and Andrea?

On Jackson’s blog today, he shares some insights about cat pee and gives a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes action at Mufasa’s house. Go on over to read the entire article but I found something VERY interesting. Jackson has a theory that large floofy cats may not be fans of litter box liners or litter box lids….why? Static electricity!

If you’re a big fluffy cat, and you build up some electric charge in that fur, then you brush up against something like a lid or a liner….ZAP!

And, as Jackson says, why would you go back to something that zaps you? And there you have one reason why you might have cat pee problems.

Very interesting idea. What do you guys think? Do you have fluffy cats? Do you use liners or covered boxes? Please share!

Click on over to read more of the episodes behind-the-scenes info and Jackson’s tips for Mufasa’s family.


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