Cat Peeing Outside of Box – Success Story!

Recently, I interviewed a cat mom for this story for a series I write on

When I told her I was the creator of The Happy Litter Box, she couldn’t believe it. She said, “My boyfriend and I love your site! We poured through it trying to find a solution for our cat, Cesare!”

That made my day. The whole reason I’m here is for you – well, actually for your cats. I don’t want another cat to be relinquished because of litter box issues. There is a solution to nearly all litter box problems. Sometimes it’s easy to find, sometimes it’s hard. But the solution is there.

Here’s what Betsy told me about her experience:

“Cesare was having diarrhea, especially in our dining room. My vet and I thought it was completely stress-related because of a problem with our next door neighbor’s cat (long story short, I asked them to help me dissuade their cat from being on my porch and they refused).

When it kept continuing, I told the vet that I wanted tests. All came back clean, but she changed him to prescription food.

He stopped having diarrhea, but our dining room continued to be his litter box. My vet gave me a book, but none of the techniques worked.

After talking to Laurie Ruettimann and reading your blog, I went to the pet store on a mission one Saturday. I got cleaner, a big “Sand Box” Litter Box like this one and Cat Attract Litter.

Except for a miss or two because of a bad owner, we’ve had clean floors for about three months! That allowed us to replace all of our downstairs carpets without fear!

And tensions in my relationship with my boyfriend about Cesare’s lack of litter box use have ceased as well.”

That is so awesome, Betsy, and inspiring to other cat owners going through a similar issue. It’s such a small world, too. I interviewed Laurie Ruettimann for this blog a while back. She has some great ideas so be sure to go read the post. I met Betsy purely by coincidence for an entirely different reason. Pee Cat Owners seem to find each other, don’t they?

Okay, now readers! Do you have a success story I can post? Please send me an email: [email protected] Real world solution stories are THE BEST!

Here’s to your happy litter box,


P.S. Photo of Cesare, courtesy of Betsy Decillis