Precious Kitties Win Precious Cat Litter

Have you sent in your Precious Cat entry to win a coupon for a FREE bag of Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat litter? Details on this litter giveaway here. Thanks to Tracie Hotchner of The Cat Bible and Dr. Elsey’s for partnering with us on this! Deadline is TONIGHT at Midnight EST.

Here are some of the absolutely precious kitties whose staff members have entered them into the contest….

“My daughter will kill me for this story, but one of our precious cats is Ziggy, who was found nearly dead, in an abandoned vehicle. He was so tiny and dehydrated and we had no kitten milk replacer, so we fed him my daughter’s pumped breast milk a few drops at a time. He thrived on it! He’s nearly two now and I cannot imagine life without him” -Jayedee

“This is Catterina. I’d like to think her photo says it all about her preciousness. Besides, she’s named after Edgar Allan Poe’s cat, and for me, you can’t get much more precious than that. She’s one of the four cats I have–all strays who decided to honor themselves by joining my family. Unfortunately, they all have the not-so-precious habit of treating their cat boxes like a sandbox. They throw the litter around like you would not believe–even rolling in the boxes at times!” – Lisa


“My kitties are Rosco (orange & white) and Lulu (black & white) and they’ve both been suffering off and on through the summer from what the vet says is idiopathic cystitis. Other than peeing problems and all the trips to the vet, my little furry monsters are fun and cute and I can tell when they’re feeling better because they tear all over the house like mad crazy kitties. They are 2 years old. While I know a lot of people have problems with kitties peeing outside the box and marking, I actually need help encouraging them to go on their own — I’m trying to help them get past aversion to peeing at all, and to know the litter box is an OK place not a place of pain and worry.” – Karen

“My cat Vir was lonely after our elderly cat died, so we went to a local rescue and adopted a 3 month old kitten named Galen. They ADORE each other, so I’m sending you this precious photo of Vir grooming Galen because the two of them together are just so cute and happy. I’m so glad I was able to make the two of them happy by finding them each other!” – Doreen

“Andybelle, my gentle giant, was born into and lived in a small managed feral cat colony for over six years. I spent months “getting to know” this guy, but could never get near him. One night as I was just stopping by with supplies for the caretaker, I noticed that Andybelle was sick. Without thinking about how he’d react, I distracted him with fish, and shuffled this very large cat into a carrier and headed to the Vet. My plan was to return him to the colony after he recovered, but he tested positive for FIV. I already had two adopted FIV+ boys, so after falling head over heels for this big lug, it was clear that he was here to stay. Why is he precious? Andybelle morphed into the most amazing boy, and is affectionate beyond belief. Now 14, it’s hard to believe that he was ever feral.” – Michelle

“My cat, Baby, is very precious to me. In fact I call my cats precious because of how much they mean to me. She is a part of the family, sits next to me in the morning for coffee time, relaxes on the couch next to me for movie time, always comes when she’s called “politely,” never gets into trouble and loves to be included in most conversations as long as she isn’t napping. She worries when I’m out too long and is usually up and waiting when I come home. She is a very precious beautiful cat!” -Christine

“My ex-feral cat who hides from most folks may seem weird to many people. But to me, he is my most precious possession. At 72 years of age with numerous health issues, I need someone to care for me….and my dear kitty does just that. If I am up in the middle of the night with a raging migraine plus other various aches and pains, he stands by my head/shoulder area purring loudly. He even tries to groom my hair. He knows that if he is close, it is calming, comforting when I am in such raging pain and discomfort. If I am having respiratory issues due to my lung condition, he tries to be a human heating pad by sitting directly on my chest. He just seems to know what area of the body is hurting. Unfortunately for me, his kind gesture doesn’t work too well. He detests coughing. Nothing is more precious than the bond between us…..he is my baby and I love him so. Yes, he is my precious cat.” -Lynne

“My cats Emmy (smaller female) and Elliott (larger male) are precious because they love each other and they are brother and sister, they have been together for life and love playing together. TheY wrestle and even sometimes one of them has one end of a string toy and the other has the other end and they just play with each other like that. They each have their own cat tree now because Elliott is about 13 lbs (maine coon) dominant and he was no longer able to fit on the one with smaller perches.” -Leila

“In loving memory of our very special and precious cat Oreo who passed away in August. We rescued Oreo 4 years ago. He had a bad case of ear mites among other health issues. Unfortunately he received an antibiotic that was meant for dogs and developed renal failure. For 3+ years I gave him Sub Q fluids to help him. During this time he was playful and so much fun. He loved my 3 kids which my other 2 cats, Sam and Suki (both rescued Siamese cats), only tolerated. Oreo would join us at our lake cabin in the summer, always find a lap to snuggle onto and purr so loud to let us know he loved us! He also adored our 3 dogs! He is missed. It is interesting that Sam and Suki have decided to fill the void. They now insist on the kids’ love, snuggle more and talk a lot when it seems too quiet without Oreo.” – Jennifer, mom to 3 cats, 3 dogs and 3 humans 🙂

“I have three rescue kitties (a brother/sister pair and a new kitten) and they are all precious to me! My kids love watching them interact, and each has their own personality! One is a real snuggler, one more vocal, and the little one just likes to play! I can’t imagine not having a cat or two in my home.” – Carla

“This is Daisy, she is a rescue and the most lovable Ragdoll mix I have ever had. She is so sweet but has that one problem and likes to pee along the carpet where it meets the wall, try getting that out. We have tried all different cleaners and litters….I couldn’t return her because I know they would put her down because that is probably why she was in the shelter in the first place.” -Kathy

It’s so much fun reading all about your precious cats! I’ll be posting more every few days. I hope you enjoy the stories as much as I do! – Caroline


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