4 Ways to Reduce Litter Scatter

Reduce LItter Scatter Ugh, nothing is worse than having litter bits stuck to your feet. Well, maybe finding them in your bed is worse. That’s when you whistle a little tune and say to yourself, “Don’t think about where that’s been. Whistle, whistle, whistle. Don’t think about where that’s been.” Sigh.

Some cats drag more litter out of the boxes than others but regardless, all cats track some. Here are some things to consider if you want to reduce the tracking mess:

Cleaning Diligence – I know it’s a pain in the butt but keeping the immediate area swept keeps litter bits from migrating to all corners of the house. I love my Bissell PowerEdge Pet or just a regular broom and dustpan for litter scatter.

Type of Litter – Some litters track more than others. In my experience, lightweight litters are the worst offenders while heavier, coarser litters tend to stay in the box better.

Litter Box – Try different kinds of litter boxes. Some people put their boxes in the tub in the spare bathroom. Others have shared that a large plastic kiddie pool works great. Some people swear by their top entry litter boxes. For top entry, you can also go the DIY route and use a large storage tub with a hole in the top. Check out this one for an example of a DIY top entry box.

High-sided litter boxes like NVR Miss help with litter scatter for those kitties who like to kick litter, not to mention kitties who love to pee over the side of regular boxes.

Litter Catchy Things – There are plenty of trays, mats and rugs made specifically to catch the litter. These probably work fine but there are lots of things that you probably have around your house that work great too. I have used a washing machine tray . Other readers say a big shaggy bathroom mat works wonders. Carpet remnants, rubber boot mats, etc. also do wonders catching those little bits.

Do you have litter scatter issues? What’s the weirdest place you’ve found bits of litter? What solutions have you found to work?


  1. We get lots of litter scatter, and we used to put bath mats under the litter boxes to try to prevent that. However, we found that either intentionally or by mistake SOMEONE always got a bit of pee on the rugs. We noticed one day while we were washing both rugs that no one peed outside the box, so we just deal with the scatter.

    Years ago, I used to keep the litter box in the bathroom, but it seems to me there’s not much worse than stepping out of the shower with clean, wet feet, and then stepping in litter which then sticks to ya.

  2. Hi! I’m almost 19 and in the last few months my litters just been tracking all over the place. On the floor, on my bed, and I can’t use any little litter traps like mats or rugs cause I also have a tendency to pee on my way in or out of the box. So that would just result on wet litter outside the box.

    Is there a brand or type of litter that’s better for this kind of tracking problem?

    Cokie the Tracker

  3. Hi Caroline,

    All cats definitely scatter litter and your preventive tips are great.

    I like the carpet remnants tip. I think I’ll try that one.

    I use various litter boxes and they all have a hood. That’s a big help. I also use litter mats. That way there is almost no tracking.

    Thanx for the tips,

    =^..^=Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

  4. That’s something very annoying. It speads everywhere around the house -_-
    If only my cat weren’t so happy after finishing his thing… I mean he always bursts out of the litter box like a bullet. So there’s no stoping for that.

    • My cat does that too! She leaps out of the box as fast as she can and shoots off. Which of course results in litter going all over the bathroom floor. >< I bought a special litter mat that catches a lot of it but I still find myself sweeping several times a day!

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