Reader Success! No More Cat Urine Soaked Walls

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in writing this blog is that there is almost always a solution to a litter box issue if you just research and ask questions!

Happy Litter Box reader, Lynne P., wrote me recently to see if I had any ideas for her cat, Bailey, who was having trouble squatting and keeping his pee in the box. The result? Urine covered walls for Lynne to clean up!

But, guess what? There’s a litter box made just for that problem: The NVR Miss Litter Box, a box with 11-inch-high sides and an easy-to-access entry on one side.

You might recall a post I wrote about this box last year. My pal, Ingrid, over at the Conscious Cat first introduced me to the NVR Miss.

Lynne agreed to test a NVR Miss box to see if it might be a good solution and I’m so happy to report that it was. Here’s what Lynne reported:

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for introducing me to this wonderful litter box! As you know, my male kitty is now 13 years old and obviously has arthritis. He was such a jumper/daredevil when younger, that he may have sustained injuries which precipitated this condition. Because squatting to urinate had become painful, he would enter the litter box, try to crouch down at first, then would begin to rise up to keep his balance and avoid pain. The result was urine soaked walls, baseboards and floors. Poor guy wasn’t spraying, just trying to accomplish a bodily function.

You suggested a taller litter box even though I was using one that was 6 inches tall. The litter box you sent was a full 11 inches tall with a wonderful cut-out entrance for easy access. It is miraculous! Bailey can accomplish his “business” with ease, without pain and I have no walls to wash, sanitize and deodorize on a daily basis.

I am just so happy! We are both happy. Thank you for changing our lives for the better.”

You are welcome, Lynne! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with Happy Litter Box readers!

And, for those of you who are Do-it-Yourselfers, you can make your own version of the NVR Miss Litter Box. Simply take a large plastic tote and saw an opening in one side of it. Make sure to sand the opening really, really well so the jagged edges are super smooth and safe for your kitty!


  1. We have two cats, and two NeverMiss litter boxes. Both cats actually strain to pee above the sides of the box. This is the case even if the litter is scooped out every few hours. Any ideas on alternate solutions?

  2. We use a drywall mud mixing pan. It’s shaped just like a litter box, but over-sized. Our cats love it, and it’s so big that they never miss.

  3. I have found out because of having 7 cats n the house that your standard liter boxes really don’t work as well unless u want to spend the whole day scooping liter – so I decided to take one of the (what they call sweater containers u can slip under the bed ) containers and put the liter in it – is a little taller than your standard and of course larger – it worked great so now I have 3 and works out super – don’t have to clean as often and since the cats are a little older and larger they have the room and don’t spill as much. I tried the higher ones but they seem to back off from it – the sweater box works great – should try it.

  4. Your idea for this litter box is nice. But!!! I have five cats, and I do have a tall, yet big litter box for my cats. And I have ONE that pee’s to close too the openning of the litter box. You would think he would do that on the wall of the box. But noooo, he has too do it at the openning. So this litter box wouldnt work for me, and its driving me crazy. So I was told too use the storage boxes you use for clothes, because there is no openning for my cat too pee out of. But thank goodness out of five cats I only have one that misses.

  5. I love Happy Litter Box readers so much! Thanks for commenting and sharing your experiences! That’s what this site is all about! Hugs! -C

  6. I need to look for one of those. We have a nasty secret. Our old cat Garfield can’t get into the box (we have more then one cat) so poops and pees in the floor drain in the basement (which I get to clean up daily, and wash down with bleach/water mix)
    Its one of those things you are so embarrassed to talk about that you won’t post your full name

    • SE–get the puppy training pads. One of my cats is not a box fan, but if I put a puppy training pad in front of it, she will use it instead. I bought the frame to put it in as she does try to bury her pad–she just never has got the litter thing. Then I just scoop out used cat litter from the box from the two who do use it, put it in the middle of the pad, roll it like a burrito and shove it in the diaper genie. Works quite well–may cost more than just washing down the drain, but a lot less time and energy consuming.

  7. Abby was a “perch pee’er”…saw the NVR litter box on Ingrid’s aka The Conscious Cat’s blog and knew I found the solution to our problem. Abby like it and mom LOVES it. Best thing since sliced bread!

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