Is Blue Buffalo Walnut Shell Litter Any Good?

What have you heard about Blue Buffalo cat litter?

Does it look too bizarre to try? Sure, it’s dark brown litter made of walnut shells….too weird. Or not?

We say, give Blue Buffalo cat litter a shot.

But first, a warning! Obviously if anyone in your family or anyone who visits your home has a tree nut allergy, avoid at all costs!  But we’re fairly certain you’re hyper-vigilant anyway!

Our team has been using Blue Buffalo cat litter for about a year now in one of our boxes. In another we use our beloved World’s Best Cat Litter and in the other, we use a range of litters we’re always testing out for you guys.

We love the Blue Buffalo cat litter.  We really do. We use either the Quick Clumping or Multi-Cat formulas. They also have a pellet which we have not tried.

Okay, we admit, the color was strange at first. And, it’s sometimes hard to see the pee spots on the dark brown background.

It also has a distinct earthy smell to it. It’s not unpleasant but some people have said they don’t like it. We think you get used to it.

Finally, we know some people balk at the price. It’s not cheap. The Blue Buffalo cat litter runs around $14.00 for a 14-lb bag on Amazon. If you’re used to using a natural litter then you are used to paying a bit more. Check your local retailer – we’ve seen it at Petco and Pet Supplies Plus.

But, it definitely lasts a while so that’s something else to take into consideration.

Here’s what we love about this litter:

  1. The cats like it! (Numero uno reason!)
  2. This stuff clumps like nobody’s business. It clumps as well as clay litters and that’s hard to find in an all-natural litter.
  3. We find the odor control to be good as well.
  4. NO dust. Like, zero.
  5. Tracking is pretty low.

So, if you’re looking for something new, try it out. Also, all of the walnuts they use in Blue Buffalo cat litter are grown in the good old US of A! We like that!

Readers! Has anyone tried this litter? What did you think? Leave a note in the comments below!

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  1. I have been using “Worlds Best cat liter” for about 2 years. I have seven indoor cats and eight boxes so its a daily choir for sure. Prior to Worlds Best and during Worlds Best I have tried many different brands and was not impressed. I just started using Blue Buffalo crushed walnut shells. Another reviewer commented on the color, the woodsy odor and slight difficulty in seeing the clumps and the zero dust. The odor from the shells is not by any means off putting just different than Im used to, the ZERO dust is awesome and a huge plus. The cats seem to not mind the change and I have had no issues with finicky liter box goers. An actually I like the dark brown liter tired of the grey clay look. So far Im sold on the walnut shells. anybody thinking of trying it should go for it I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  2. I had been really wanting to try this litter for a long time so I went ahead and bought two bags.

    It didn’t clump at all for me. The urine went straight to the bottom of the pan and formed a goopy mess. The poo didn’t dry out enough so my cat kept getting poo on his feet when he went the next time trying to cover up the smell. Besides that, the smell of the urine and poo after one day was not pleasant and I only have one medium sized cat. I had bought two bags as I was thinking this was supposed to be the best, right? I had used one bag so I returned the other and went back to my old stuff (clay based clumping litter) that worked better.

  3. We’ve used it about a year, and love it. I have asthma, so we can’t use clay (plus it is strip-mined). My cat was allergic to wheat, the paper kind just had no odor control at all, and we went through it quickly. The walnut litter from Blue clumps, controls odor, lasts a long time, and no one is allergic to it!

  4. Unfortunately the one in our house with tree allergies is Tripsie, otherwise I would LOVE to try this.
    We’d been trying other alternative litters, to reduce the amount of dust which both Tripsie and I are allergic to, but unfortunately both cats staged a protest until we went back to old faithful.

    • I have two cats and recently switched to Blue in one litter box. We used Feline Pine previously. One cat stopped the litterbox altogether following a uti, so I decided to change the litter to see if that would help. Problem solved! Well, not perfectly, but both cats *strongly* prefer Blue to Feline Pine. I do as well, because it is so much easier to keep the box clean and fresh with a clumping litter, and this one clumps well.

  5. I appreciate hearing about this. My many babies use the World’s Best, but it leaves the house dusty. However, I see there are three formulas from Blue, and their website doesn’t really give any detail or photographs. What is your opinion of the differences between the two you have tried? What is the texture like compared to World’s Best? Thanks for the good information.

    • Hi Jim,
      I did not notice a difference between the multi cat and clumping. I have not tried the third, the pellets. The texture is very similar to World’s Best but maybe a little more coarse.


  6. Amazing stuff. I have 9 cats, that’s a lot of litter boxes and a lot of maintenance. I use Blue’s litter and World’s Best – one cat will only use World’s Best so he has a box like that (the multi cat formula), there’s an all Blue litter box for a couple that like that. My personal preference and the one that all the rest of the boxes are filled with is a combination of the two. Blue clumps as you say – as good as clay, but it isn’t as fast to clump so you get concrete on the bottom of the litter box. World’s Best clumps faster but doesn’t hold up as well with a lot of use (9 cats = lots of use). The combination is better than either alone. Doesn’t clump quite as hard as the Blue alone, but the pee doesn’t get to the bottom of the box and clump there making it harder to clean. I don’t find there is much odor to the Blue litter at all – the World’s Best has a weirder natural smell to it in my opinion. Both do a great job controlling box odor though.

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