Common Reasons for Litter Box Avoidance

Litter Box info graphic
Used with permission from Marilyn Krieger and Catster.

As many of you know, the reason I started writing this blog is that litter box issues are a big reason people become frustrated with their cats, sometimes to the point of relinquishing them to a shelter. I learned that many litter box issues can be solved, with a little research and patience. As I have continued this blog, I get emails almost daily from people who have found the tips here to be helpful in ending their cat pee (or poop) woes. I can’t even tell you how happy that makes me!

Some of the expertise comes from our incredible litter box mentors, like Marilyn Krieger. Marilyn lends her insight to us and answers reader questions. She’s also a regular columnist at Catster, where she sometimes writes about litter box issues.

She recently created this very cool infographic to help illustrate common solutions to litter box problems. In her article, she writes:

Everyone becomes frustrated when cats, no longer favoring litter boxes, choose corners, sofas, beds, or other spots around the house as their personal powder rooms. Although a combination of factors usually contributes to the problem, in the majority of cases, cat parents can take steps to insure their cats consistently eliminate in their boxes. I have created an infographic that illustrates five actions aimed at helping prevent litter box challenges before they begin.

Check out the graphic and then read the rest of Marilyn’s litter box article on Catster. It’s well worth your time!

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