Arm & Hammer Double Duty Litter Review

Wintertime. When, depending on where you live, everyone spends much more time indoors. That’s right. In the house.

Are you noticing the litter box? Is it a little, erm, stinky?

This is a great time for me to talk about litter box odor, one of our favorite topics around here. Many brands claim to do a good job at keeping litter box odor at bay but as you all know, not many come through on that promise.

Arm and Hammer double duty clumping litterOne brand that does is Arm & Hammer. I’ve been wanting to try their Double Duty Clumping Litter so of course when Arm & Hammer asked if I wanted to partner with them on a promotion this year, I agreed.

The Double Duty Clumping Litter boasts that it manages both #1 and #2 smells equally well. With the bombs that my boys like to drop, I was hoping, REALLY hoping, it would work.

It did.

I admit; I was very surprised. I have a litter box in my office and for some reason, every time I sit down to eat lunch at my desk, someone comes in and lays some tootsie rolls in the box. Why they do this, I do not know. But it is awful! All I want to do is eat and now I have to scoop the poop, take it to the garage and wait until the smell goes away. Ugh.

The day after I put this litter in the box, I was eating my lunch at my desk, wondering when one of the boys would be in to make their lunchtime deposit. I glanced over at the box and, lo and behold, someone had already been there. I could not smell it at all! Seriously. I was shocked.

As the days went on, the litter continued to trick me into believing no one was using the litter box but of course they were.

I am a big, big fan of this litter. It has a bit of an odor itself but it’s not too perfume-y; another thing I was extremely pleased about. So many litters claim odor control but mask it with gaggy litter perfume smell. Clumping is also very good.

So, A+, Arm & Hammer guys!


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  1. OMG, I thought my cat Oliver was the only cat the went to the litter box everytime I have dinner. I sit down at the counter and low and behold he goes right to the litter box and does his job. How funny is that? Must try this new litter for that reason. Thanks for the review.

  2. It’s not an original idea, but I use Arm and Hammer baking soda in the bottom of my litter boxes(3) to keep the odors at bay. I buy a large bag at Costco , and pour the litter on top of the baking soda.

  3. We have 5 cats and my husband hates the litter boxes and purchased electric ones. He has taken over the litter box duty and I think the new Arm & Hammer litter sounds amazing! Maybe he would complain less about the smell.

  4. I don’t have any litterbox stories, but I keep my nasal passages clear by using nasal spray like Simply Saline.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  5. The Simply Saline is an item I look for cheap to donate to Rescues or Animal Shelters. I use it when any cat gets something upper respitory to help clean their nose and it also is good as a back up cleanser in emergency for wounds. My litter bomb story would involve I box I just bought for sifting, ya, it sifts. Everything gets through the holes are so BIG!

  6. We are renovating the kitchen, and have to pen up the cats in our bedroom during the day, and we leave the box in there overnight. Ken the new guy really likes to drop one as I am trying to read and relax before turning off the light. Also with the renovations, they aren’t drinking enough water, so the urine is rather stinky.

    As Parker was growing into the promise of Maine Coon size, I realized he would not fit into our large boxes. So, I got him a concrete mixing tray. I filled it with litter with him watching the process. When I was done, he jumped into the new box, laid down, and proceeded to survey the territory as if to say, “Mine, all mine”.

  7. I have rescued more than 130 cats so far! I bottle fed most of them and I’ve ‘foster failed’ 16 and I have 2 here on a long term foster. So 18 cats in the house! I only have 3 litter boxes (large ones I must say!) but I don’t have a ‘poopy’ smell at all 😀 I love Arm & Hammer! The only ‘issue’ I have is Nubbin! He’s a fat boy. An 18lb fat boy who can’t reach his butt anymore; he’s worked out that when I sit in the chair in the office; that’s the time to GO because I will respectfully wipe his butt for him! Was this inappropriate? Have a lovely day!

  8. Another suggestion for nasal spray is to use a Netti-Pot. Similar idea except a little more natural. You use salt and warm water and pour it into each nostril and watch the “stuff” come out of your nose. LOL

    I use the Arm and Hammer cat litter and love it as well. So do my kitties.

  9. Jazz is a large cat, and even though I have large cat pans for him, he’s to big-or not smart enough to get his bomb in the litter box. I have a small children’s pool that catches everything! I have been adding Arm and Hammer to the litter for years, and yes it really does help.

  10. I sprinkle baking soda in the kitty litter to help keep down the smell. In the winter, I help my nasal passages by using a Neti Pot and running a humidifier in the bedroom at night.

    Hugs to Romeo and Pugsley!

  11. With multiple cats, I usually have a line forming of cats waiting to use the litterbox after I clean it. I will do one round and then usually go back after the line has dispersed.

    I also have a cat that likes to lay in the litterbox. He’s not scared or anything, he just really likes stinky things. And of course, he’s the cat that is so strong I can’t physically bathe him – I have to use those bathing wipes.

  12. My twins have never gotten the concept of burying their poo. EVER. But that comes with the territory with kittens rescued off the streets. Just litterbox training them was a challenge. So when my girl had a son, we were expecting the worst. But he took to everything perfectly, even burying the twins’ dumps. So, one day, I look over to the litterbox and see my older boy in the litterbox, stinking it up… and right behind him, nose-in-butt, my younger boy waiting for him to get done so he could bury it! Nimbus was always a smart boy, but he proved it – and saved us a stinky odor – that time. He never let that box get stinky either. If it wasn’t to his standards, he’d just sit or lay between us and the box and stare at us and stare at it until we got the point and fixed it. We sure do miss our little litterbox bury-fiend, but we have a LOT of happy memories, that being one of them.

  13. I find that the only way to keep a cat litter box fresh (regardless of what kind of litter that you use) is to clean it very single day – sometimes twice.

  14. I admit to also liking Arm & Hammer; however have stopped using the product because there is so much DUST when pouring into the litter box!! That does NOT help those of us with allergies and/or are asthmatic! I have mixed this in with my BEST CAT LITTER, but again, there’s the dust that flies out and hovers. Such a shame as the litter is quite good otherwise.

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