How to Get Your Cat to Drink More Water

Drinkie, drinkie, boy!

The more I learn about litter box issues and urinary health for cats, I find it’s pretty much unanimous among experts that getting your cat to drink more water is a big part of the prevention and treatment of most urinary issues.

And, because medical problems are often the cause of inappropriate elimination (i.e. outside the litter box), it’s important for cat parents to make this a priority.

The irony is that cats aren’t big water drinkers so it’s up to us to entice, cajole and bribe (if your cat is particularly savvy) our furry buddies to get some more of that H2o in their bodies.

One way is to put your kitties on an all wet diet, like I’ve done for Romeo and Pugsley. Obviously wet food has more water in it than dry food. I also read a suggestion to moisten the dry food with water or broth.

Another way is to make sure there are multiple bowls of fresh, clean water throughout your house. Don’t forget to change the water bowls daily so they don’t get gross with particles of food and bacteria floating around in them.

Some experts recommend drinking fountains. I was fortunate to receive one from Petsmart for review recently. It’s the PetmateĀ® Cat Infinity Elite, a fountain that uses UV technology to blast bacteria for healthier, cleaner water. I loved the idea of the UV technology because it seems fountains I have had in the past have gotten really slimy, really quickly. So far, this one seems to be working out just great and, after a month of use, I haven’t had to scrub it out yet.

It took a week or so for Pugsley to start drinking out of it and another week before Romeo did, but now both boys are happily slurping up their agua from the fountain. So that’s good!

I also came across a terrific article by Dr. Donna Spector, who is the consulting vet to HALO, an all natural pet food.

Dr. Donna offers these good ideas for getting your cat to take in more water:

  • Feed an all wet food diet
  • Feed more frequently so the cats drink more frequently
  • Add more water or broth to your cat’s wet food to give it additional moisture
  • Use ice cubes or chips as treats

My vet also suggested putting a little tuna juice in the water to stimulate interest. I tried this once and the cats didn’t really “get” it but I think it’s worth another shot.

What have you done to get your cat to drink more water?

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