Catdance Film Festival! Sponsored Post by Fresh Step

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 5.19.09 PMAh, the Sundance Film Festival. Every year I see Facebook photos of friends marking it off their bucket list, boasting of Robert Redford sightings and other celebrity encounters. I think to myself that it would be fun to go to the Sundance Film Festival… but NOW it would be even more fun because of…..the Catdance Festival.

What’s Catdance?

Well, the Catdance Film Festival is sponsored by litter company Fresh Step, and is a celebration of cool short cat films. Well, the films are short. Not the cats. Although, the cats might be short but I’m not really sure…it’s hard to tell in the films. Never mind. They are short films about cats.

Here’s how it works: amateur and pro filmmakers from across the nation produce these short films about cats and submit them to the now esteemed Catdance. A panel of judges from Fresh Step and their Feline Arts Council select five finalists. These finalists were featured at a celebration in Park City, Utah on January 18 during the Sundance Film Festival. While the two events are not related, I’d love to know what RR thinks about cats invading his party…

This year, as usual, the films did not disappoint. Here’s what you can look forward to if you click on over to the finalists page to view these little gems and vote:

The Inheritance – a funny film about a couple tasked with looking after a dead aunt’s cat, Greg. If they care for Greg for the rest of his life, they’ll receive the aunt’s estate. Sound simple? There are stipulations…..oh, yes there are.

Dreams Are Real – Have you ever seen your cat’s paws twitch when he sleeps? How cute is that? And what DO cats dream about? Well, you’re about to find out.

The Clever Cat – this little kitty is one smart guy. He’s working hard to get to the yummy fish his staff is making for dinner. He leverages all the tools and other beings (i.e. the dog) available to him. Does he get the fish? Well…watch it and see.

Ricky – this film makes me want to go get a kitten. It’s the story of baby face Ricky who finds himself in his new home, trying to acclimate. He wants to make friends with the other creature there (the dog), who really doesn’t want anything to do with this lonely little guy. Does he win him over? Or do they become life long adversaries? You can find out by checking it out.

Dirty Paws: a Feline Noir – is a cute detective story about a guy who gets sucked into helping a pretty kitty find her lost toy. You’ll be surprised how she rewards him….

If you love cats (or even just like them), you’ll enjoy these films. You can view all of the finalists and vote for your favorite here by February 28. The film with the most votes wins $50,000 and a “golden” litter scoop award. d looks and shining personality would steal the show. Do you think the staff would be capable of such an endeavor? I wonder….

And, if you vote, you’ll get a chance to win fun prizes from Fresh Step, like t-shirts, coupons, products and more.

Entertainment, cats AND a chance to win some goodies? Even if you don’t win the goodies, you can’t lose!

Disclosure! This post was sponsored by Fresh Step but I thought you’d enjoy a little non litter box fun. My opinions are my own!

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