My sweet boys, Romeo and Pugsley
My sweet boys, Romeo and Pugsley

To some people it may seem odd to have a site dedicated just to all things litter box. But if you’re here, to you it’s probably not odd at all. In fact, we hope you’re saying, “Thank goodness! Finally all this info is in one place!”

If you’re reading this, you may be in the middle of a litterbox crisis yourself. Your carpets may be ruined, your house may smell like a latrine and you never know when you might ’round the corner and find your sweet furry baby peeing on something he’s shouldn’t be. Ugh. We feel for you.

We started this site because litterbox issues are more common than you may know. And they are one of the biggest reasons why cats are surrendered to shelters and rescues. Which breaks our hearts. In fact, we think that is probably the reason our sweet litterbox-challenged boy, Romeo, was sent to the shelter twice before he was two years old. That’s when we adopted him.

We didn’t know about his issues when we brought him home. Once we discovered his problem, we tried everything over the next four years: frequent visits to the vet (the first thing you must do to rule out medical problems); pheromone spray and diffusers; herbal essences rubbed on his ears; anti anxiety meds; every kind of litter and litter box; different numbers of litter boxes; different sizes, shapes and types of litter boxes; and even a cat psychic. But still Romeo insisted on randomly peeing on rugs and carpets. And anything else left on the floor. And occasionally on our bed. Sometimes on the mat right next to the litterbox.

But one day we had a brainstorm. Maybe he didn’t like litter, period.

So we replaced his litter with paper towels in one of the litter boxes. Lo and behold, that drastically cut down on his random peeing.

Our relief was coupled with the understanding that every cat is different and requires a different solution. So even though all of the things we tried didn’t work for Romeo, they might for your cat.

This site is for you. Have patience; you will find a solution. Please don’t give up on your litterbox-challenged baby. And, please contact us! We want to hear about your questions, your ideas and your stories of what has worked for you.

Together we can all have homes with happy litterboxes!

Caroline Golon
caroline (at) highpaw (dot) com