Cat Peeing on Carpet
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Cat Peeing on the Rug? Try These Tips


When I come across a treasure trove of great information about litter box avoidance, I get VERY excited! One of my favorite blogging vets is Dr. Arnold Plotnick of Manhattan Cat Specialists. I enjoy his […]

cat peeing on bed
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Does Your Cat Pee on Your Bed?


Cat peeing on the bed? We┬árecently received a question that we get a lot: what do you do when you discover your cat peeing on bed. What an awful situation. It’s gross. And…it’s a little […]

why i started the happy litterbox
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Why I Started The Happy Litter Box


Some days I just shake my head and laugh at the lengths my husband and I went to in order to accommodate our problem child, Romeo’s, pee habits. Romeo would pee on anything soft on […]

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FLOR – a Rug Solution for the Rest of Us


Have you ever noticed that pet owners rarely have gorgeous plush wall-to-wall carpeting or lovely oriental rugs scattered across their beautifully finished wood floors? To those pet owners who do: I am JEALOUS. The rest […]

Apollo from
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Apollo’s Litter Box Buffet


Apollo’s Litter Box Chronicles continue over at Pawcurious. This week, Dr. V. shares her testing method to determine which litter Apollo prefers, and which type of litter box he prefers. If you recall, the good […]

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Protecting Your Carpet From Cat Pee


Over the years, my husband and I completely adapted our home based on Romeo’s pee problems. Protecting your carpet from cat pee can be SO HARD! In our old house we had all hardwood floors […]