Finding and Cleaning Cat Pee

Finding and Cleaning Cat Urine Stains


You know your cat is peeing somewhere, but because you’re out of the house all day and not tracking him, you just don’t know where.  And to top it off, there might be multiple locations […]

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DIY Solutions

Common Reasons for Litter Box Avoidance


As many of you know, the reason I started writing this blog is that litter box issues are a big reason people become frustrated with their cats, sometimes to the point of relinquishing them to […]

Reduce LItter Scatter
DIY Solutions

4 Ways to Reduce Litter Scatter


Ugh, nothing is worse than having litter bits stuck to your feet. Well, maybe finding them in your bed is worse. That’s when you whistle a little tune and say to yourself, “Don’t think about […]

make your own litter box
DIY Solutions

Make Your Own Big Litter Box


A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the NVR Miss litter box, which has high sides and is perfect for those kitties who like to pee up the wall when doing their business. There […]

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litter box cake
DIY Solutions

How to Make a Litter Box Cake


OMG When I saw this litter box cake post, I thought of you guys and just had to share it. I found this on PetMD, courtesy of Dr. Patty Khuly. In her words, “In case […]

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Contests and Giveaways

What’s the Perfect Litter Box Design?


Maybe it’s not even invented yet! The fine folks over at How Stuff Works have turned their attention to litter boxes this week and are running a contest to solicit the best ideas for building […]

DIY Solutions

New Use for Puppy Pads


As you may recall, my cat Romeo (the inspiration for this site) seems to prefer to pee on soft items. When given a choice, he’ll opt for anything soft on the floor rather than hop […]

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