Good Stuff!

Precious Kitties Win Precious Cat Litter


Have you sent in your Precious Cat entry to win a coupon for a FREE bag of Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat litter? Details on this litter giveaway here. Thanks to Tracie Hotchner of The Cat […]

Litter Boxes

How Good is the Litter Robot?


Scooping the box sucks, doesn’t it? Actually, I don’t mind scooping the box as much as I mind scooping it what seems like a million times a day.  A couple of boxes are in my […]

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General Mewsings

Weird Places Cats Pee


Under the category of “Hey guys, you’re not alone out there!” I thought I would do a little round up of the funniest/weirdest places cats have been known to pee. I queried my Facebook and […]

Experts Weigh In

Help! My Cat Pees on the Floor!


Today I have a reader question and answer by one of our Litter Box Mentors, the meow-velous Marilyn Krieger. Reader Question: I adopted my 13 year old Persian last year. I think he was probably […]

Good Stuff!

A Small Price to Pay for a Happy Litter Box


I can’t stop giggling about an article that appeared in the Columbus Dispatch this morning. The author, Cindy Decker, shares what great lengths she’s gone to in order to secure the one litter her cat, […]

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Contests and Giveaways

What’s the Perfect Litter Box Design?


Maybe it’s not even invented yet! The fine folks over at How Stuff Works have turned their attention to litter boxes this week and are running a contest to solicit the best ideas for building […]

Experts Weigh In

Even Vets Get the Cat Pee Blues


Litter box problems do not discriminate. Even veterinarians have litter box challenged or obsessively marking cats living with them! So don’t feel so bad, friends. Dr. V. at Pawcurious is among our ranks of humans-trying-to-get-inside-the-dang-cat’s-head. […]

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