Finding and Cleaning Cat Pee

Finding and Cleaning Cat Urine Stains


You know your cat is peeing somewhere, but because you’re out of the house all day and not tracking him, you just don’t know where.  And to top it off, there might be multiple locations […]

The Ideal Litterbox Set Up

Litterbox Basics: What is the Ideal Set Up?


We hear so much about the importance of where and how the litterbox is set up that it’s worth reviewing the basics. What IS the perfect litterbox configuration? Well, the Happy Litterbox wants to set our readers up […]

5 common litter box mistakes
Cat Peeing Outside Litterbox

5 Common Litter Box Mistakes


Litter boxes. They seem so easy, so straightforward. Your cat knows just what to do and he does it. All you have to do is clean it out once in a while, right? Right?  Well, […]

No Picture
DIY Solutions

Common Reasons for Litter Box Avoidance


As many of you know, the reason I started writing this blog is that litter box issues are a big reason people become frustrated with their cats, sometimes to the point of relinquishing them to […]

Do you wipe your cat's butt
Tips and Tricks

Do You Wipe Your Cat’s Butt?


Cat’s are fastidious self-cleaners. Do you need to wipe your cat’s butt? Well, sometimes you might when he’s a senior cat, overweight cat or has cat diarrhea. Here are some ideas to help you keep your cat’s derriere poop-free. […]