We’ve tried so many products and have a handful of favorites we wanted to share with you.

This is a tough one….it really depends on your cat. There are many good litters on the market. Here are a few I’ve tested recently. 

Litter Scoops

Litter Lifter

Litter-Lifter ScoopsWe’ve used the Litter Lifter for a few years now and have yet to replace the heavy duty super scooper! Thick triangular tines let litter slide through easily but keeps the clumps and lumps. Because it’s so sturdy, it’s easy on the wrist and easy on those with arthritis. Purchase it here: Litter Lifter Cat Litter Scoop.

Here’s my full review of the Litter Lifter.

Litter Box

Clear, Underbed Storage Containers

Clear storage container to use as a litter box I like to use underbed storage containers as litter boxes. That’s all we use in our house because they just work great. They’re big enough for our boys to move around in. Sometimes, if cats feel too confined in their box, they may choose to go elsewhere. Also, a bigger box can help with the peeing or pooping over the edge problem by giving your cats more room.

I like the Sterilite Clear 41 Qt. Underbed Box which you can purchase at amazon or, better yet to avoid shipping costs, at any big box store or even your local hardware store. Just don’t get the ones with wheels or at least take the wheels off or you’ll scare your cat if it moves while they are inside!

Stain & Odor RemoversFizzion Pet Stain and Odor Remover


Fizzion is the go-to stain and odor remover for cat experts like Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin. We love it too! It’s earth friendly, non-toxic and works. You can purchase here: Fizzion Pet Odor Remover .

Odor Control

Critter Zone


Critter Zone air cleanerThis little electric odor neutralizer is the bomb….and also takes care of “bombs” if you know what we mean! You can plug it into the wall or use the power adapter cord that comes with it. It’s small and discreet and keeps litter box odors totally under control.
Learn more and purchase here: CritterZone USA, LLC

Zero Odor pet odor remover

Zero Odor

Zero Odor doesn’t just cover up odors…it eliminates them, which we love love love. We’re not partial to a lot of fragrance. This is important to your kitty’s sensitive little nose just as much as it is to your little nose. Non toxic and biodegradable, Zero Odor offers a few options, including a regular spray and one just for litter boxes. Check it out and purchase here: Zero Odor Pet Odor Eliminator


The Groom Genie

Groom Genie Cat Brush You guys. This grooming brush is truly incredible. The Groom Genie fits in the palm of your hand and gently untangles knots and removes loose hair. My cats all love it. Which is good because they’re persians and have long hair that needs a bit of upkeep.  When we first adopted Rufus, he was pretty skittish, but  a session with the Groom Genie made him come out of hiding his first few days. Lots of people have similar stories about their cats who hate being brushed but who LOVE the Groom Genie. We are biiiiig fans. You need to try this.

Check it out and purchase Groom Genie Detangling Brush here. PSSST. Sign up for their newsletter and get a $5 off coupon.

Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance

We’re in the process of signing up our cats with Embrace Pet Insurance. What does this have to do with litter box issues? Lots of times litter box issues are caused by a medical problem, like a urinary tract infection or even, as we experienced with Pugsley, a blocked urethra. These problems can add up.

I’ve done my research and Embrace time and time again comes out on top for integrity, customer service and what they cover. To learn more or get a quote, click here.