The Happy Litter Box is so fortunate to have access to the best resources out there. Our experts are kind enough to offer their time and talents to helping us make our litter boxes happy litter boxes!

Give it up for our Litter Box Mentors!

Marilyn Krieger, CCBC

Marilyn Krieger, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant and owner of The Cat Coach, LLC® solves cat behavior problems through on-site and phone consultations. Marilyn works directly with clients as well as through veterinarian referrals. She uses a combination of positive reinforcement methods, including behavior modification, training, management and education. As a cat behaviorist, one of her goals is to educate people about cats and cat behavior in order to prevent cats from being surrendered to shelters and euthanized because of resolvable behavior challenges.

Her award-winning book, Naughty No More! focuses on changing unwanted cat behaviors through clicker training, environmental management and other force-free methods.

Marilyn writes behavior columns for Catster and is big on education – she feels it’s important for cat parents to know the reasons behind their cats’ behaviors.

In addition to consulting and writing, Marilyn teaches classes and lectures nationally on cat behavior. She is a frequent guest on television and radio programs, answering cat behavior questions and helping people understand their cats.

For more information about Marilyn, visit her web site. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Jackson GalaxyJackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy, the star of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell,” is a unique presence in the pet psychology world. Not only is he a rather tall fellow with a shaved head and arm sleeves of cat tattoos, but he is also exceptionally experienced, well known and highly regarded. Jackson has been working with cats for 16 years, including eight years in a high stress cat shelter at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in Colorado.

Jackson’s forthcoming book, Cat Daddy, tells the story of how one special cat brought him back from the brink of destruction….and led him to his life’s work.

Visit Jackson’s web site or connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.

Tracie HotchnerTracie Hotchner

Tracie is the author of two best-selling books – The Dog Bible: Everything Your Dog Wants You to Know and The Cat Bible: Everything Your Cat Expects You to Know.

Tracie is known as a pet wellness advocate and has a series of unique weekly live radio programs dealing with dog and cat issues, which she produces and hosts. She interviews experts in the field, authors of books about animals, and takes callers’ questions on the air. DOG TALK® is on NPR station WLIU 88.3 FM from Southampton New York and in 2009 she won a prestigious Gracie Award (the radio equivalent of an Oscar) as “Outstanding Host of an Entertainment/Information show.”

CAT CHAT® is on Wednesday nights on the Martha Stewart channel of SiriusXM satellite radio, where she also appears live every Wednesday at 1 PM to answer callers’ pet questions. In addition, she has just completed a series on for NPR called AUTHORS ON ANIMALS, also on WLIU. In 2009 she also had a live show on Saturdays on the legendary station WOR 710 AM in New York City called DOG TALK & CAT CHAT®.

Recognized nationally as a leading expert in both canine and feline nutrition, Tracie has traveled across the country giving talks to pet owners on subjects like “You’re Feeding Your Pet What?!, and offering herself as “a bridge between consumers and providers” in talking to students in veterinary colleges from Tufts to Virginia Tech and UC Davis with her presentation “FUR PARENTS – Managing the Two-Legged Client.” Tracie is also a spokesperson for PETCO and travels extensively for them, appearing on local television shows on topics related to pet health and safety.

In her several free hours a week (!) Tracie enjoys living in Bennington, Vermont with her husband and their two adopted Weimaraners, a Collie mix and a pair of retired breeding mini-donkeys, mother and daughter, Mona and Lisa.

Visit Tracie at her web site, on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. Exquisitcat crystal cat litter from Petsmart is hard on kittens feet as they are
    Big chunky rock like litter. I now buy fresh Step crystals cat litter which is ground up very small and easier on their little paws. Just make sure they don’t
    Try to chew it! Once they realize its just cat litter, my cats have been great about
    Using it. The exquisitcat was cheaper but they hated walking on it.

  2. Hi Caroline,

    I came here from

    Cat Daddy, Naughty No More, and The Cat Bible look like three excellent books. I checked them out on Amazon and they have a lot of positive reviews with good ratings.

    I’m a big fan of Jackson. He has a natural connection with cats that really amazes me. He’s quite the artist when it comes to cat behavior and communicating with cats. I like his show on Animal Planet where he helps resolve difficult situations.

    I see that the other two litter box mentors have a very nice track record as well.

    Good choice of litter box mentors,

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

  3. I have a two old buff long haired cat. He is my pride and joy, but lately he has been doing him number 2 outside the little box. I am using World’s best cat litter, 2 little box various sizes, and he still goes in the bathtub! I also clean their boxes out like ALL the time. No it isn’t dirty or anything! HELP!!!!

    • Sorry, I posted that with out reading it. My keyboard is sticking like crazy. I have a 2 year old long haired buff cat. He has issues with loose stools. I have had to be careful with him, as he get sick eat many things. When I first got him, I don’t know how many bags of food, I had gone through just to find one he can eat. Now, they changed the formula, and he is getting sick again. I changed the cat little last year, so it could be flushed. He was ok and once in awhile do his thing in the bathtub, but now he pees in his box, and does his #2 in the tub. I use World’s Best Cat Litter, 2 various size boxes, and keep them clean ANYTIME he or my other cat uses them. I don’t know what to do. I am going to try to change the litter, and see if that helps. Any suggestions? I don’t know what to do!

      • Sorry Jesse, don’t have recommendations for your problem but I found a crazy solution for the time being. My kitty now faithfully uses doggie pee pads? I just put them on top of the corner spot on my rug she decided to use as her potty. Am going to get Fizzion today for the rug.Took her to the Vet the first time I saw her use the rug. She was a
        mostly tame kitty trapped with a feral colony. Used the clean litter box the first week here. Her urine was starting to show an early sign of a UTI, she also had tape-
        worm segments, ear mites and flea dirt. Changed brand of litter and was a new litter box but still preferred the pads that she faithfully uses. I will keep trying to get her to use the box, but honestly the pee pads are easier for me. Will treat where she has peed on the rug, lay plastic over the treated Fission area, then the pee pad.
        Would be curious to see what Jackson would suggest. Good
        luck with your problem.

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