Finding and Cleaning Cat Pee

Finding and Cleaning Cat Urine Stains


You know your cat is peeing somewhere, but because you’re out of the house all day and not tracking him, you just don’t know where.  And to top it off, there might be multiple locations […]

Experts Weigh In

Help! My Cat Pees on the Floor!


Today I have a reader question and answer by one of our Litter Box Mentors, the meow-velous Marilyn Krieger. Reader Question: I adopted my 13 year old Persian last year. I think he was probably […]

Does your cat pee on the bed
Carpet Protection

Does Your Cat Pee on Your Bed?


Do you have a cat pee bed? We recently received a question that we get a lot: what do you do when your cat pees on the bed? What an awful situation. It’s gross. And…it’s a […]

Cat peeing in the corner
DIY Solutions

Is Your Cat Peeing in the Corner? Tips to Help


Today’s guest is Susan Daffron, founder of the National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals. She’s also the author of 11 books, including Happy Tabby, which is about caring for adopted cats and kittens. This is […]